You Won’t Believe How Much Money Is Wasted On Unused Gift Cards

unused gift cards
Even though most people are loath to admit it, though some do willingly, we waste things as a sign or status. Or, pride. It may be due to utter obliviousness as well. Or worse, just because we can. When I was a child, it was popular for people to complain about gifts they didn’t want and then throw them away — like Christmas fruit cakes or sweaters. I quite like fruit cakes, so I never understood...

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Small Business Ideas with Minimal Startup Costs

small business ideas
One of the biggest misconceptions about starting a business is that you can launch one for free. That is, without incurring any startup related expenses. The average American business requires anywhere from $10,000 to $125,000 in initial startup costs. Starting a business costs so much because of the expenses related to office space, salaries, insurance, inventories, utility payments, and so on. Small...

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Using SEO Optimization for Online Business Marketing

marketing your business online
Marketing your business online is a necessary evil of business if you run a home-based business or small business. It doesn’t matter if you are struggling to make a name for a small business or run a global conglomerate, your consumer base needs to know you care about their needs and where to find your product. This is why it’s very important to use an effective agency like who...

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Everything You Should Know About Telecommute Work

There is an old song lyric that is very simple, yet profound: “Ain’t nothing going on but the rent.” From the working class to the middle class, most Americans struggle to make ends meet while aspiring to generate more income. Or, even start a small business. Great things start in small ways. So, it may make more sense to gradually work up to such aspirations. The average American makes between...

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