Personal Reflection – I’ve Rented Too Long and Want to Own

Owning a home is the epitome of the American dream. Everyone wants to own a home, raise a family, and enjoy the benefits of home ownership. However, most people go through their entire lives just vocalizing their wants instead of doing what is necessary to attain them. When you rent an apartment or home, you are delaying any and all ambitions that you may have in life. Admittedly, there are definitely...

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Jobs That Thrive In a Bad Economy

  I used to be an academic advisor, counselor, and college adjunct. It was a profession I did not enjoy at all. Teachers bring their work home with them, the pay is better at private schools, and you must stay in one place a long time to get secured pay increases. I became a freelance writer in the gig economy, which is growing all the time, so I could work on my own terms. However, if you are...

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Hotel Room Checks You Must Do to Confirm Cleanliness

  Whenever I enter a hotel room, I always have the feeling that something is wrong. Kind of like one of those characters in a horror movie who steps into a dangerous place yet has not realized it yet. Every time I walk around a hotel room after check-in, I have the eerie sensation that something is wrong or off. That is because I can’t deny the reality that an untold number of people, each...

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These Scholarship Directories Could Help Your Child Forego Student Loans

People with children understand the financial shock awaiting them when they become college bound. It costs an estimated $233,000 to raise a child from the moment of birth to 17. Keep in mind that this estimate doesn’t include medical care or tuition costs. A private college will cost you more than $35,000 annually in tuition costs. If you have multiple children, then those costs grow exponentially....

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