The Financial Weight of a Road Trip

It’s officially summer. I have never been on a road trip, but it is on my to-do list. And I am mean like a long-term, living in the van kind of road trip for two weeks or more. It’s one of those things that I hate putting off because it becomes harder to realize the older that I get. Also, a road trip adventure with friends or family is what summers are made for anyway. However, the more I crunched...

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National Ice Cream Day is Coming- How to Take Advantage

Superman’s natural weakness is kryptonite. My natural weakness is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. I would betray national secrets for just a tablespoon’s worth of the stuff. Also, I am loath to admit to how much ice cream I can eat in one sitting. Over 40% of Americans eat one pint of ice cream in one sitting. Keep in mind that a pint is meant to feed four people. We all love ice...

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Quality Fireworks Retailers for Celebratory Investments

Is setting off fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July a celebratory investment for you? In the same manner that many people invest in their paying off their bills or car payments, they annually invest in fireworks. Fireworks have been used to celebrate the 4th of July since the founding of the country. It is a tradition that almost half of Americans adopt to this day. Well over 45% of Americans will...

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Unique, Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Did you know that most people are more likely to spend more money on a Mother’s Day Gift than on a Father’s Day gift? About $12 billion will be spent on buying Father’s Day gifts every year compared to the $23 billion that we spend on Mother’s Day. The average American spends about $135 on a Father’s Day gift and about $186 on a Mother’s Day gift. Anyway, you look at it, Mom just seems...

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