Remote Volunteering: How You Can Give From Home

Any non-profit would agree that volunteers make the world go round. When you choose to use your time to benefit those in need, few feelings match the sense of joy that you feel. Volunteering serves others but also helps you grow. The pandemic may have seen a decrease in physical volunteering opportunities, but volunteers all over the world haven’t missed a beat when it came to going digital. In this blog post, we will look at 4 different ways that you can volunteer from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free phone app that connects blind and visually impaired folks with sighted volunteers via live video. By volunteering, you will answer requests from people such as reading food labels, distinguishing outfits and colors, and much more. By taking a few simple requests, you can make a difference in the day of a visually-impaired person.


Bookshare focuses on building an extensive ebook library for people with barriers to their reading abilities. By translating books into bigger fonts, highlighted guides, and braille, Bookshare helps people of all physical disabilities access literature. By signing up as a Bookshare volunteer, you will simply scan books into the system, expanding their library.

Translators Without Borders

Clearly, America is home to refugees and immigrants from all over the world. If you know a second language, then Translators Without Borders is a perfect opportunity for you to put your knowledge to good use. With this non-profit, you can translate emergency documents and medical texts for those not fluent in English.

Volunteer Match

With over 1.8 billion websites running globally at any given time, there are countless ways to volunteer with those all around the world. While you may have used Volunteer Match before to help with folks in person, the website now offers virtual opportunities as well. Take a look through their catalog of volunteer opportunities to find one that’s perfect for your schedule.

Whatever way you choose to help others during this time of quarantine, know that your time is truly making a difference. Several remote volunteering opportunities take up less than 3 hours of your time a week. No matter what profession you are in, there is a way for you to give back to your community. Quilters, web designers, and linguistics professionals all have a place in the volunteering world, and so do you. Get online and find your volunteering niche today!

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