NFL’s best head coaches ahead of the 2021 season

OTAs and minicamp are providing us with some much-needed clips of our favourite players in action, with the 2021 NFL Draft and free agency now far in the rear-view mirror. PFF has ranked the various position groups, presented campaign simulation results, and explored intriguing bets on the PFF Daily Betting Podcast and the PFF Forecast in preparation for the 2021 NFL season.

Head coaches are usually kept out of the spotlight until Week 1, so let us include them in this discussion. The criteria used to determine the top head coaches coming into the 2021 season are quantitative. However, unlike offensive and defensive play callers, they were not combined into a single all-encompassing rating system for wagering or fantasy football. The reasons behind this are as follows:


Andy Reid was the best head coach in football. Since then, he’s won his first championship, survived a pandemic offseason, led his club to a 14-2 regular season record in 2020, won a playoff game with his backup quarterback playing the second half, and advanced to his third Super Bowl appearance.

Now, after playing much of the season with a banged-up offensive line and failing to create a third option behind Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, he was soundly outwitted by Todd Bowles in Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay last season. Did you know that best online casinos players can bet on their NFL players


Harbaugh is the NFL’s second-longest-serving coach, and he’ll always have a place on these lists after leading a team led by Joe Flacco to the Super Bowl in 2012. Harbaugh’s greatest strength is how well he’s adapted to the needs of the NFL in 2021.


With Aaron Rodgers playing below his usual level, LaFleur improved what was essentially a nine- or ten-win squad to 13-3 in 2019. He led the Packers to a real 13-3 record in 2020, online casino games and he landed Rodgers on the MVP podium. In our measurements, he starts 2021 as the league’s best play caller, and barring his choice at the end of the 2020 NFC Championship game, he’s largely been solid at the edge.

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