Apocalyptic Movies that Will Definitely Give You the Chills

There are times whereby you just need a little bit of suspense in your life.  Something that will completely take you to another world and make you forget about the worries of the world. Either you can play real money best NZ online casino games or watch movies. End-of-the-world movies wield a unique kind of power. They combine the adrenaline rush with action movies with the creeping dread of horror movies, resulting in tense dramatic tension. Often the film take place when the universe is about to die.

The Wandering Earth

This end-of-the-world film, which few people have heard of, has become one of the year’s biggest and highest-grossing films. That’s because it’s extremely popular in China, where it was produced. It involves a team of scholars who attempt to physically shift the World away from the surface of the sun ever-expanding rays while preventing a clash with Jupiter.

These Final Hours

With this 2015 movie, a nucleus succeeds in clashing with Earth, since it has tried to do so many times before. The story is directed 10 minutes just after impact, as Australia now has 12 hours until the firestorm arrives. It tracks James, who wishes to spend the remainder go his days on earth at the party to end all parties yet sees himself drawn in other directions that may not be going according to his plans.


A husband and wife seeking to reconcile agrees to spend their holiday playing best online casino games on a small Scottish island. Their vacation is cut short when a soldier arrives at their door and informs them that the whole world has also been annihilated by an epidemic of an infectious plague, and that they must hide out with each other before it is safe to go back to the outside world. the twist of the movie is that he might not be telling the truth after all.

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