The Proper Way to Cut Steak—Explained!

There’s no denying it, America is a nation of big beef eaters. We’re known around the world for our love of steak. And for a good reason too. The average American eats over 100kgs of red meat (and poultry) each year. You can’t blame us, though. After all, there’s nothing better than getting stuck into a tender slab of steak. It gets our mouths watering just thinking about it.

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I May Not Qualify As a Freelancer, But I’ll Try Unemployment

Have you heard about the “Murder Hornet?” It’s not enough that the coronavirus pandemic is encircling the globe. And its not enough that that over 30.3 million Americans are currently unemployed. (Or that the real estimate may be double that.) Additionally, it doesn’t seem like its enough that the pandemic, and preventative lockdowns, seem to have no end in sight. Now, we have murder hornets....

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