I Stopped Wasting food. Not just for Moral or eco Reasons – I need Money for my Business

Did you know that Americans throw out a pound of food daily? By some estimates, Americans waste almost $2,000 annually on food they willingly throw out.

That is the equivalent of throwing away $5.50 daily.

Wasting food seems to be a sign of status, and its hard to deny at this point.

Some people claim their leftovers have gotten bad after a day or two in the fridge. Others are making room for new food items they will throw out later.

Some people don’t consider food waste, “waste,” at all.

I can’t change how people think, so I can only change the way I think.

After all, I was no better. I used to be that way.

Every time I think about wasting food, I think about throwing $5.50 in the garbage.

Yes, I understand the moral implication of throwing away food. There are people starving in the world. And in the

U.S. too. About 46.5 million Americans depend on food banks.

It’s morally offensive to have food rotting in landfills that could be put to better use.

But preaching and lecturing people gets you nowhere quick. All I can do is change how I react to the situation.

A Business Opportunity

I used to be the kind of guy who threw away the crust on my pizza. Or, only ate half of a fast-food meal and throw it away.

I cringe when I see people doing that now. It’s just easier to throw $5.50 in the garbage.

In 2013, I was couch surfing through Europe. I was staying at a friend’s house and she was a great cook. However, after dinner, she promptly threw out all of her leftovers!

What could I say? I was her guest.

I found it astonishing.

Now, I eat every part of a pizza, including the crust. I eat every French fry. Dinner leftovers are eaten promptly within a day or two.

If you know there is more than one way to throw away money, then you’ll realize there are endless possibilities to save money.

This new mindset has also helped me with my business aspirations.

I am currently traveling through Asia as a telecommuting writer. Meanwhile, I am also exploring several budget-conscious business opportunities.

One thing that I want to do is develop a vermiculture and vermicomposting business. This is the practice of breeding worms to eat organic waste (food waste, agricultural waste, leaves, paper, and so on).

The worms then excrete an organic and valuable fertilizer that is nutritionally beneficial to plants.

Will it succeed? Who knows?

One thing is for sure – I’ll never worry about feeding my business engine in vermicomposting.

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