You Must Hear About These 5 Cities with Rent Under $600

rent under $600
(Lincoln, Nebraska image by Tim Vrtiska via CC BY-ND 2.0 ) In 1997, when I was a young and hopelessly naïve college student, I dreamed about moving to San Francisco. I had no real-life experience or any understanding of cost of living standards. Most young people think that they will live forever, stay healthy forever, and can do anything. I reflect in shock as I once believed that I could do this. One...

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Going Vegan On A Budget

budget vegan meal plan
What do you think about the recent hype concerning plant-based meat burgers? I think its ridiculous. A waste of money. The science of transforming plants, like legumes and grains, into a product that tastes like meat is in its infancy. Also, the problem is that Impossible Burgers and Awesome Burgers are designed to taste like meat. They aren’t healthy. Plant-based burgers sold in fast-food restaurants...

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Cutting Down on your Energy Bills

Energy has become a controversial topic for everyone. It has always been a valuable resource, but people have trouble agreeing how much energy we should be using and how much we should cut down on energy use. One thing people can agree on though is that nobody wants to pay a lot for their energy bills. Luckily there are many ways to cut down on costs. It doesn’t have to be hard, there are plenty...

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Is it Still Possible to Claim on a Mis-Sold Pension?

The issue of mis-sold pension has become quite big in the UK. Individuals keep getting bad suggestions from financial experts, and this makes them put their money in bad investments. Still, many are yet to know whether they can make mis-sold SIPP pension claims and the chances that they will succeed. It is advisable to get claims advice once you suspect that you had a mis-sold a pension transfer. amzn_assoc_placement...

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