Jobs That Thrive In a Bad Economy

  I used to be an academic advisor, counselor, and college adjunct. It was a profession I did not enjoy at all. Teachers bring their work home with them, the pay is better at private schools, and you must stay in one place a long time to get secured pay increases. I became a freelance writer in the gig economy, which is growing all the time, so I could work on my own terms. However, if you are...

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Hotel Room Checks You Must Do to Confirm Cleanliness

  Whenever I enter a hotel room, I always have the feeling that something is wrong. Kind of like one of those characters in a horror movie who steps into a dangerous place yet has not realized it yet. Every time I walk around a hotel room after check-in, I have the eerie sensation that something is wrong or off. That is because I can’t deny the reality that an untold number of people, each...

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