How to get your home ready for summer

Now we are in the midst of summer and school summer holidays have started, you will spend less time carting your children off to school, and so will have more free time to fix up your home. You may have been putting it off due to other responsibilities, but now you have some extra little hands to help, you can get a lot more done.

Take a look at these tips which will help you prepare your home during the summer holidays.

Declutter your living space

In winter, we tend to avoid making any home improvements, as it is simply too cold, and all you want to do is stay indoors and wrap up. Now it’s summer, you can pack away the blankets and declutter your space to see the woods for the trees. By doing this, you can see your home clearly to establish what needs doing.

When decluttering your home, you may discover a lot of dust due to warm and dry air, which is most likely caused by heating your home. In the summer, you can air out the house by opening windows and doors during the day, which will introduce clean air into your living space. You should also make sure to sweep up everywhere you can reach to remove all traces of dust, which will make your home a much cleaner and safer environment. 

Upgrade your garden

During the colder months, your garden tends to get neglected, but as soon as the warmer months come around, you will want to make the most of the limited sun we have here in typically rainy England. Your children will also want to spend more time in the garden, which means you need to make sure your grass is prepared for more foot traffic than usual. It will also be a risk of patching if you have a paddling pool or a trampoline, and so you should invest in gardening products that will make it as robust as possible.

If you’re planning to host a garden party or two, you should consider investing in some new garden furniture, such as a dining table and chairs or a few loungers to accommodate everyone. If you live in the city centre, more than likely you will not have a garden, however, you could always create a garden area elsewhere such as the rooftop. RW Invest, a north-west property investment company, has several properties available with rooftop gardens that are a great source of inspiration. They offer tenants the perfect place to socialise or relax while enjoying spectacular views. 

Replace your windows

On a hot day, you may think the best solution is to sit indoors to cool down; however, sometimes it can actually be hotter inside. This will be due to low-quality windows, which allow a high percentage of sunlight into your home. Your first thought may be to turn on your cooling system (if you’re lucky enough to have one) or invest in numerous fans, although this will be much more costly and harmful to the environment.

Instead, you should consider replacing your windows with Low-E coating, as this reduces the amount of solar heat entering your home by 58%. Although the initial cost may seem expensive, it will be more beneficial in the long run, as you will save money on fans as well as helping the environment.

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