Homemade Happiness: 5 Summer Crafts for Kids

School’s out, the temperature’s rising and the kids are ready for some summer fun as they look to you for ideas as they repeatedly complain they’re bored.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading for five fun crafts for kids to get your gang’s creative juices flowing and having fun all summer long!

1. DIY Fun and Games

There are lots of fun craft ideas your kids can make to continue having fun with all year long. Why not have them build their own games to play.

DIY Boardgames

The Parker Brothers aren’t the only ones who can make up a board game. They started their game empire while still in their teens.

Why not use some of those happy meal or dollar store small toys as the players’ pieces to move?

Grab some cardboard and draw out a game board. The kids can create their own theme, rules, and prizes to create the next sensation in board games.

If that’s not stimulating enough for them they could always take this craft to the next level and make a lifesize boardgame together for your family and friends to have fun with at your next summer barbeque.

Minute to Win it

The television show Minute to Win it started a game phenomenon that swept the nation. Children and adults alike playing Face the Cookie, Junk in the Trunk or other popular games featured on the show.

Your kids can turn their craft time into an entertaining game for the entire family with DIY Minute to Win It games.

2. Crafts for Kids Summer Party Themes

You don’t need a special occasion to have a party. A get together doesn’t have to be extravagant or have a house full of people to be a lot of fun. For the kids, half the fun can be in planning it.

Hawaiian Luau

Have your kids pick a theme like a Hawaiian luau with some DIY palm trees, grass skirts, and mock cocktails. Grab some leis for children and some coconut shells and pineapples and they can create the ultimate Hawaiian themed day for them and their friends.

Give them a stick to do the limbo and add some homemade games.

Movie Night

Hang a sheet in the backyard and give the kids the afternoon to decorate their cardboard car to take to your backyard drive-in. Each child can create their own cardboard car.

They could even decorate a table as the concession stand where all the movie treats like popcorn and hotdogs can be served before your feature film begins.

If you want to expand this idea, have the kids make their own movie with their tablet or cellphones and then have a movie premiere night of all the masterpieces they make. This could keep them entertained an busy for days as they make their film and who knows you may be raising the next Steven Speilberg or Ron Howard.

3. Edible Crafts for Kids

Why not let the kids entertain and feed themselves at the same time. You may have a budding Gordon Ramsey or Buddy the Cake Boss living under your roof.

Set up an induction burner that doesn’t get hot or grab some fun microwave recipes for kids.

If they want something to play with as well as snack on there are always edible crafts like play dough or marshmallow slime to make.

Or if your children are older and more skilled in the kitchen you can clean out the fridge and give them a MasterChef challenge to create the best tasting dish out of the ingredients in front of them.

Make a cake or cupcakes and let them go crazy with some fondant icing to decorate in the most unique way possible.

Summer Should Be About Family Fun

Summer comes and goes so quickly and the kids won’t be young forever. Make the most out of this summer with some of the above crafts for kids and a lot of family fun.

Be sure to check our blog regularly for more tips on how to get the most out of life and live it to the fullest.

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