Panerai Luminor – The Ultimate Choice in Men’s Luxe Fashion

Watches are one fun accessory that any man would love to wear. Panerai is one such brand who makes some amazing men’s watch. Any man who loves wearing watches and is aware of the fashion watch industry would tell you that Panerai is undoubtedly one of the most renowned brands in the world of luxury watches. One of the most favorite models from this popular brand is Panerai Luminor. This high on fashion model is a simple one and can be considered as an entry-level choice for luxury watches from where you can start exploring new highs of luxury fashion.

Panerai is an Italian brand that was found more than a century and a half ago. This classic brand has gifted us with many models and has always considered innovation as a priority when they have launched new models. Due to its luxury touch and unique style, the brand soon gained popularity among the masses until it became one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world. The USP of these watches are even though they have a modern design, but they have kept their traditional marine watches intact.

The history of the Luminor series

The Luminor series is considered as one of the most pillars in the growth of the Panerai brand. This series is one of the main reasons for the growth of this luxurious watch brand. This model was basically inspired by another antecedent namely the Radiomir series which was later found to be toxic and hence was ceased. This was followed by the rise of the Luminor series, which was even though simple in style, was high in quality and was also made water resistant. The brand has also made watches for the defense forces after which it was launched at the commercial market. Soon after, it started gaining popularity among the public considering its unique design and useful functionalities.

The design

One of the main features that seclude the Panerai Luminorseries from the others is the fact that it has a very unique design and shape. The size of the watches is also quite different compared to the others. Talking about the 1950 prototype of the series, it had a 47 mm diameter case. Talking about the recently updated collections, the case diameter basically varies between 40 to 47 mm. And it definitely does have the water resistant feature in it. All in all, the sporty look along with clear and big dial has made this series of watch quite famous among the men who love wearing luxury watches. The design of the watch is so flexible that it would go very well with both formal as well as informal outfits. This is a perfect masculine piece that would look good in the arms of any man. Many celebrities around the world have been using the brand and have also promoted the same.

The technicalities

It has always been seen that rather than the outlook, men are more interested in what technical specifications the watch can offer them with. This series of the flawless masterpiece has a big screwed in back case that prevents water from entering into the device. The pieces are mostly made up of materials like titanium or stainless steel and can withstand water pressure of up to 300 meters below the sea level. The watch also has a luminous dial which makes it readable even in darkness. Another unique feature that this series of watch holds is that it can indicate time of two different time zones which can make the life of travellers much easier. While travelling from one time zone to another, people might get confused however with the dual time zone; things have really become a lot easier.

The style

You would get many styles in the Luminor series. You can buy any style depending on your taste, preference, and requirements. You would get leather straps that would give a very classic yet fashionable outlook to the watch. You would also get choices on the bracelet styles that are created by overlapping links of titanium with steel. The clasps are also made with perfection so that it can secure the watch with your hand perfectly.

Final words

Finally, it can be concluded that the Luminor series from Panerai is a classic one and if you are a fan of luxury watches that have simple design, classic outlook and high specification, then you can surely give this series a try. With its unique characters, we are sure that you will be able to stand out of the crowd.

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