Memorial Day and All-Year Deals for Military, Friends, and Family

I have never been in the military. Yet, I notice how much people who have never served benefit from Memorial Day. Not out of ill will or out of voluntary design. It is what it is. However, the fact remains that Memorial Day is big business for corporate retail concerns. They go out of their way to bombard us with advertisement about Memorial Day sales, discounts, and deals.

This year, Americans will spend $36 billion shopping on Memorial Day. Each American will spend about $486. There will be a lot of savings to be had. That is all well and good. However, I had made a pledge to inform active duty members, veterans, and their families, of the Memorial Day discount benefits that are available to them. Many may not know, or, may be too proud to act on them.

Memorial Day is a day to remember every soldier who died fighting for this country. However, we can also find ways to show respect to our active and veteran service members as well. After all, why should we benefit from this holiday more than them?

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is a clothing manufacturer that has been producing clothing, outerwear, and military-influenced fashions since 1959. The company is offering a 30% discount off all regular priced inventory for a limited time period during the Memorial Day holiday. Free shipping within the United States is also a part of the deal. Valid military ID must be verified at online checkout.


The eyewear company offers 30% discounts military discounts on all of its services year-round. Active duty members, veterans, and military family members are all eligible to apply. ID and proof of eligibility must be verified through GlassesUSA’s online verification site.

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is a fashionable, designer handbag company that aspires to appeal to fashionistas and trendsetters of the digital age. In the company’s dedication to honoring members of the military, a 20% discount is available year-round. All you have to do is provide proof of ID on the company’s website.

Avis Rent-a-Car

Avis Rent-a-Car has been offering quality rental car services since 1946. The company has a dedicated military discount program called, “Veterans Advantage. Active duty members, veterans, National Guard and Reservists, and family members of military are eligible for 25% discounts on Avis services, all year-round. Eligible applicants must verify their ID and apply online at the Avis Veterans Advantage site.


Active duty members, veterans, and Army Reserves officers are all eligible to receive 50% off on the Sprint Works Program. Eligible applicants need to register and redeem an offer code at Sprint’s qualifying website.

Rosen Hotels, Florida

If you live in Orlando or Lake Buena Vista, Florida, or knows someone who does, let them know about this offer. Rosen Hotels and Resorts is offering 50% off on standard room rates as well as on meals and beverages. Active duty members, military reservists, Coast Guard, and National Guard Reservists are all eligible. There are no resort fees included in the offer. All you have to do is present your military ID for redemption. Unfortunately, the offer only lasts throughout the month of May.

Get the Facts

Businesses are legally required to offer such deals and discounts and can alter them, or cancel them, as they see fit. If you or someone you know is planning to redeem such offer in-store instead of online its best to call ahead. Always bring all valid ID and any accompanying documentation.  Read all fine print to be aware of all conditions, exclusion clauses, and redemption timeframes, if they apply. While it’s great that participating businesses want to show respect to active duty and veteran military members, never forget that for them, it all business.

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