Business Franchises You Can Launch For Less Than $15K

I have yet to realize my own dream of starting a business. It just isn’t as easy to do as people may think. Additionally, the only thing that may be harder than launching a business is keeping it open long-term. And, profiting from it. One way that you can get into the business game relatively easy is through franchising. Unfortunately, the average startup costs for most franchise businesses is $35,000.

However, if you plan to work just for yourself there are many low-cost franchise opportunities available. All you need is a few thousand dollars and a realistic business plan.

Jan-Pro Cleaning Services

Jan-Pro, in business since 1991, offers master office and single unit franchises opportunities. You can open a master franchise office and manage a cluster of franchises in your region. Or, you can launch a home-based, sole-proprietor cleaning unit franchise. Jan-Pro has over 10,000 franchise units located throughout Canada and the United States.
As a franchisee, you need to network for business with local businesses like gym clubs, high schools and colleges, banks, and so on.

Jan-Pro is known for using, “green friendly,” cleaning chemicals and less of them. Franchise opportunities start at $4,000.

Cruise Planners

We live in a digital age where people can book online vacations as easily as tapping on a laptop or smart device. However, the travel agent is not obsolete yet. Many people like having custom itineraries planned for them. Also, many large families, businesses, organizations, and offices rely on travel agents for group-based travel opportunities.
Cruise Planners is a travel agent franchising company that specializes in such full-service business models.

Its parent company is American Express. Cruise Planners, along with planning cruise vacations, also offers land-based travel packages, car rental, and travel insurance. You can start your own home-office franchise for as little as $11,000.

Jazzercise Inc.

Most people just don’t like to exercise. In fact, most gym clubs make their money from procrastinating members who pay but never show up. Exercise is a boring, monotonous activity. Most people do it incorrectly, relative to the physical results they want, and give up easily. As a fitness instructor, you can motivate people to get healthy and make a living at the same time.

Jazzercise Inc. offers dance inspired exercise training and classes that keeps participants motivated to get in shape. And, have fun while they are doing it. The company has almost 9,000 franchisees globally. As a Jazzercise instructor, you will have to undergo training and certification courses. This franchisor is actively seeking franchisees. You can own a franchise studio for as little as $9,000.

Chester’s Chicken

Chester’s fried chicken restaurants offers franchising units that serve smaller scale business markets. Like strip malls, airports, convenience store stops, college campuses, supermarkets, and more. Your relative success with such a franchise depends on your location, demographic, and business plan. You can start a small-sized franchise for as little as $13,000.

Franchise Fees

Low-cost franchises are a convenient way to get into business. Still, nothing in life is free. Many franchises require you to pay monthly franchise fees. You’ll have to factor in such costs with your initial startup costs. Also, remember that the bet way for you to succeed and profit is to identify your local consumer demographic and advertise heavily to them.

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