The Many Uses of Vanilla Syrup

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There is a multitude of uses for flavored syrups, of these the most versatile flavor is vanilla. Vanilla syrup can be used for many different things, including baking and flavoring your coffee, tea or other hot drinks. You can easily make Mexican hot chocolate by adding vanilla syrup and cinnamon to your prepared hot chocolate. The vanilla flavor is used in many different applications, even if the noticeable flavor is chocolate such as in chocolate cake, it still requires vanilla to make it.

Making your own hot drinks at home helps you to customize exactly what you want and also can save money. Even if you’re spending only $2 a day on coffee, it can quickly add up. Preparing your own custom drinks at home can help you save money. If you want to make iced coffee using vanilla flavored syrup, you can pour the flavored syrup and ice cube trays and freeze it for a quick and flavorful addition. There are many different types and flavors available.

Vanilla syrup can be used to prepare cakes, cookies, brownies, custard, ice cream, and many other baked goods. You can poke some holes in a top of a cake after baking it and pour vanilla syrup over it to help flavor and keep it moist. Vanilla syrup can also be used for shakes and smoothies, Smoothies can be a quick and healthy drink for breakfast or snack. You can also add vanilla syrup to yogurt or oatmeal for flavor.

You can also use vanilla syrup for flavoring and milk and milkshakes. Vanilla syrup can also be used on top of ice cream as a welcome addition to ice cream sundaes. Imagine the surprise of your children when they see brand new and fun options. It also helps expand the flavors of ice cream you are able to use besides just sticking to vanilla ice cream. There are all different types of desserts from around the world that all have vanilla as an ingredient.

Vanilla syrup can also be incorporated into a dressing for fruit salad. One easy recipe for fruit salad dressing is to add yogurt, honey, lemon juice, and vanilla syrup and mix it together, this makes for a tasty and versatile dressing. Also, instead of using this as a dressing, it could be used as a dip.

Vanilla syrup can also be used to make candies and caramels. Vanilla syrup can also be used on pancakes, French toast, and pies.  You can use the vanilla syrup to flavor candied apples. While boiling the sugar and water to prepare the candy coating for the apples, add some vanilla syrup. This provides a rich and unexpected flavor.

Vanilla syrup provides a fast and easy way to make custom alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can use vanilla syrup while entertaining your friends and family and set up a small coffee bar where your guests can easily help themselves to coffee and other hot drinks.

When it comes to vanilla syrup, the possibilities are truly endless. you can have fun experimenting with different recipes, you can spend time baking with your children and truly creating memories in the kitchen. Sunday morning breakfast becomes more enjoyable with the use of vanilla syrup. You can also use the vanilla syrup to pour over pre-made or store-bought desserts for an added touch of flavor.

Vanilla syrup can also be used as of base flavor to make some other syrups. You can warm vanilla syrup on the stove top and add fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or apples and have many different flavors of syrup made and just a few minutes.

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