5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Needs

When it comes to men’s jewelry, functionality is not really a key consideration. What is important, however, is to ensure that you buy jewelry that matches your style and personal taste. As a rule, men’s jewelry is a bit more expensive than other accessories, so it is important to refrain from impulse buying.

When shopping for an item, take your time and make sure that you buy something that you will love and wear for years to come. You can even take your partner with you and ask them what they think about a specific piece. Just remember that at the end the day it’s you that has to live with the piece.  Let’s take a look at 5 pieces of jewelry that every man needs.


Watches are one of the most prominent jewelry pieces to showcase your personal style and personality. Since jewelry are not supposed to be functional, remember that your sports watch or Apple Watch does not fulfill the role of an aviator or classical watch. Also, try to stick to watches with dials as they are generally considered to be more stylish.

If you have a special watch that a family member gave you, try to find a stylish wristband that matches the design features of the watch itself. A weathered wristband doesn’t always look good and you should rather keep it in a place where it will be safe.


Cufflinks are ideal in smart casual or formal settings. The nice thing about cufflinks is that you can go way out without influencing your appearance negatively. Cufflinks made from precious metals almost always look good, especially if you are wearing a suit or a blazer with a dress shirt. Some jewelers will be able to your cufflinks with your initials or something else that may be a special design feature for you.

Tie Clip

Tie clips don’t only add some sparkling interest to your attire, but it also keeps your tie from flapping around or hanging over your shoulder. Tie clips can also be a great gift. If you are wearing a suit, you need a tie clip to ensure that you always maintain a neat appearance. When choosing a tie clip, makes sure that it has a design that you like and that it is a high-quality clip.


Itshot offers many styles of bracelets. When choosing a bracelet, it is important to buy for specific occasions and outfits, otherwise, you may find that none of your clothes or other accessories matches with the bracelet. As a general rule, informal or casual bracelets are made from fabric or leather while formal bracelets are made from precious metals.

Also, when choosing a bracelet, try to find one that complements existing accessories like your watch, cufflinks, or ring. When all your jewelry has congruent design features or tones it will ensure that your look is pulled together. High-quality bracelets can form an integral part of your appearance and, like your watch, showcase your unique personality and style.


Another way to add personality and interest to your attire and general appearance is with a pendant. Pendants made from precious metals can spice up ordinary outfits like a jean and a t-shirt. When wearing a pendant with formal wear, it is preferable that you tuck your pendant behind your shirt, unless, of course, it’s not your style to do so. There are unlimited styles of pendants, and your choice of a pendant is a very subjective and personal one. Make sure that, before you spend a lot of money, that you love the pendant and that it is an extension of your personality.

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