Injured Away From Home: 3 Keys To Handling A Personal Injury Case That Occurred Away From Your Home Region

It can be so annoying to have your well-deserved vacation cut short by an injury. Not only does it steal from you the opportunity to enjoy the adventure with pals and siblings, but you might also be facing huge medical bills.

It is twice as hard to recoup medical costs when injured overseas than when you suffer injuries in your homeland. For that reason, it is essential to understand both legal and financial requirements for filing a personal injury case while abroad as explained by–wisconsin-office.cfm

Here are three tips to help you handle injury cases while on the other side of the border.

1-Do you file the case in your homeland or in the nation where you’re injured

To file a case in your homeland, the court should have jurisdiction over the perpetrator to pass any type of actionable ruling. It is mandatory for courts to have both subject matter and personal jurisdiction for such a hearing. Personal jurisdiction means the defendant must:

  • Live or conduct business within the jurisdiction
  • Have been physically present in the jurisdiction
  • Consent to personal jurisdiction, or
  • Has been in contact with the jurisdiction

So, if the defendant has never left the nation they call home, visited or run a business in your state, and does not consent to being tried by your state, then the best chance you have is to sue them overseas as your country’s courtrooms won’t have jurisdiction.

2-What if you get injured while working overseas?

Worker compensation rules may vary from one nation to another or may even be non-existent. Regardless, it is the employer’s duty to cover sickness or injury as long as the worker was within the scope of the job during the time of injury.

If you work across the border and suffer injuries because of your employer’s breach of duty or negligence; then you may have reasonable grounds to sue your boss to cover all medical costs and compensate you for permanent disability as well as lost time. To ensure you are fully paid off for abroad injuries, please hire a personal injury attorney.

3-What if you are injured while on a holiday package?

Visiting other countries on a package deal puts you in good hands as you are there are some service providers that cover tourists you from such uncertainties. However, you must meet certain criteria to make sure you file the correct claim.

Your package organizer will only be held liable if the injury occurs at the hotel complex or at a tour provided by the hotel, or during a service offered as part of the travel package. While holiday providers care about customer safety, you must still prove that the hotel complex’s negligence was the cause of the injury. This means that if the unfortunate incident transpired away from the hotel and not on a trip provided by the service provider then chances are that you may not be covered.

These three tips will help you know where to start in case of overseas personal injuries. However, you need to have a personal injury lawyer to give you a helping hand during these difficult times.


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