Budgeting for Fishing Equipment

If you have been considering taking up fishing as a leisure activity, you aren’t the only one. There are about sixty million anglers in the United States alone, and there are even more millions spread across the world. The pastime is popular with both men and women, and there are some cases where women actually take home prizes for their performance in various championships.

But as is the case with any other hobby or sport you might want to take up at some point or the other, fishing calls for several investments. If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know how much you should spend on your fishing gear, we’ve put together a list of several tips and tricks.

Your rod and reel

These two, along with your chosen line, will be your friends in need when you’re out trying to capture the catch of your dreams. Both combos, as well as separate units, are available, but some cost a lot more compared to others. Most fly fishing alternatives are made to be affordable, though, because they are simply designed and, to a point, easier to use compared to their deep sea fishing counterparts, for instance.

A decent rod and reel combo should cost you under fifty dollars, especially if you’re just starting out. Of course, the cost depends on the technique that you prefer, but if you want to get a spinning one, you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

The line you’ll use might also be budget-friendly, although there are significant price differences between fluorocarbon, mono, and braided options.

What about the bait?

When it comes to what you’re going to use to actually lure the fish, you have two ways of going about things. If you’re flexible enough and want to make several new friends, you can go online and search for some fishing forums.

You might find other fishers in your area, and they might be willing to share some of their larvae with you. Live bait is pretty easy to manage, but you do have to care for it properly — it can die, too. Plus, you’ll have to store it properly and keep it out of the reach of kids as it isn’t visually appealing.

There’s also the option of investing in artificial lures. You can get an affordable kit for less than $30, and it usually comes with about a hundred lures, but these are mostly designed for fly fishing.

There are also crankbaits and other forms of hard lures, and these might cost up to seven dollars a pop, depending on their design, durability, and other features. The fact is that artificial lures tend to get misplaced or lost a lot, so if you’re a beginning fisherman or woman, you might want to invest in a budget-friendly set.

How much do fishing gadgets cost?

If you aren’t particularly traditional and your focus is catching as many fish as possible by using any method, you might want to opt for devices developed specifically for the purpose. You might need a fish finder or a marine compass depending on the type of angling you commonly engage in.

Fish finders can cost a hefty sum, especially if they also have chart-plotting capabilities. Some of the most expensive models we’ve seen up for sale can cost $700 and even more. Castable fish finders can cost you around $200, though, so their price is slightly more reasonable.

Marine compasses can cost anywhere between $30 and $100, depending on their features. Probably the cheapest fishing device ever to have been invented is the bite alarm, which typically costs under $20.

So, are you ready to invest in your future fishing gear?


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