How To Be Frugal Without Reducing Your Quality Of Life

The word ‘budgeting’ can often drum up images of simple, tasteless meals and cold, shiver-filled nights but the fact of the matter is, being frugal doesn’t mean you have to reduce your quality of life. In fact, you can live a pretty good one if we do say so ourselves. While payday loans are available in the case of financial emergencies, saving money along the way is something that most people are beginning to do in an attempt to increase their savings, but how can you do this if you’re already on limited income without reducing your quality of life? Read on to find out.

Stop Buying Things You Don’t Use

Whether it’s food that’ll sit in the fridge just to be thrown out come your next shopping day, or that subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime that you don’t really have the time to use, the best way to cut down on costs is to literally cut them out completely. Plan your meals every week so you’re not spending on food you won’t eat and have a good think about whether you really need that subscription. If you haven’t watched it in a few weeks, it could be time to cancel it until you have the time to pick it up again. This way, you aren’t missing out on anything you haven’t already been wasting.

Invest In Energy-Efficiency Around Your Home

From light bulbs to a new thermostat, you might be wondering how spending out could possibly save money, but the fact of the matter is it just does. Energy efficiency means you’ll be getting more for the costs you’re putting into things. Lightbulbs can last longer on less energy and thermostats will shut off from heating while you’re out of the house – If you go smart, you could pick up one that you can control from your phone to put it on ready for when you get home rather than leaving it on the entire time! Lower energy bills will make up for any investment and help you save money long-term.

Buy Staples In Bulk

Pasta, rice, tinned foods or frankly anything that will last over time but you buy anyway can be bought in bulk to save money. Not only will it prevent you from needing to buy these staples in your weekly shop, you’ll also find that you can pick up bulk orders of different staple foods, household supplies and more for a (often heavily) discounted price. In most cases, you could opt for a cheaper alternative without your quality of life changing at all.

Consider Cheaper Replacements With Happiness In Mind

If you’re used to going to the movies on a weekly basis, why not switch out the expensive movie ticket for a film rental and a night with your friends at each house? You’ll get to enjoy a movie and snacks without the annoyance of people talking around you which is definitely a win in our eyes. Switch out swimming costs for football at the park with family and friends, or if you’re truly hooked on the costly activities, you could opt for cutting down the frequency instead. Make the weekly visit bi-monthly or monthly, and do something else to fill in the spaces. Decreasing the frequency could actually increase the enjoyment when you do go!

Be Realistic

In general, it’s important to be realistic. If you enjoy that coffee every morning on the way to work, don’t cut it out of your routine – instead, find somewhere else to cut to make up for the cost if you can. Only you will know what routines you currently have that you’d struggle to give up. You could opt for making the coffee a once-a-week ordeal, or find a cheaper café to pick it up from.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to save a bit of extra cash without needing to cut down on the fun. While there are some things you might need to give up, frugal living really doesn’t have to be a fun-killer and hopefully our tips have helped you work out how.


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