Moving home is a great opportunity to find cheaper broadband

Moving home is cumbersome when it comes to packing your belonging, notifying your utility providers that you have moved to a new address. It’s even more stressful to unpack and settle in your new address. Setting up your broadband internet connection is also simply very easy and quick. This article explores the opportunities of moving to a new address especially if you have problems with broadband internet at the prior location.

According to (2016) of broadband ISP providers did not satisfy 14% of customers. Thus moving houses provide you with an opportunity to sample other providers and their broadband products in terms of speed and reliability.

Eliminate moving fee charges

First of all, a moving fee is charged by broadband providers. ISP providers require at least two weeks notification. If you have a long-term contract of a year or more then you exempted. Nevertheless, moving fees are negligible, so you can easily afford it. The moving costs increase if you have to purchase a new line. Hence budget for it, or avoid the fees altogether by sampling other broadband providers in the new address.

Better services at the new address

Sometimes your broadband provider might not be present at the new address or they offer a better package at the new location. If you moving from a relatively remote area you will find that moving to a new location will give yourself a chance to sample high-speed Internet using fiber connection. In addition, find out whether providers cover the areas you are moving to, check the packages they are offering and choose the suitable one. Compare the fees and discounts of broadband providers, sometimes you might need a new line to install in your new address hence it important to find out all the necessary items needed from your preferred ISP.

Saving money at your new address

Many people are reluctant to change their broadband provider and thus end up paying hundreds of pounds more. Older internet packages become expensive and tend to have relatively low speeds. Moving homes give you an opportunity to work out the costs and access the kind of services you are getting. In addition, you take the opportunity of better services offered at the new location. Check to see the upfront and other broadband costs. The cheap broadband product is recommendable however the overall cost should count when you are making decisions.

Taking advantage of super-fast speeds

Phone line speed is not fast as fiber speeds. The demand for speed directly correlates with data usage as data usage rises at home. Fiber is still being rolled out in different areas hence moving to a new address with fiber will give you an opportunity to access ultra-fast speeds.

Purchase unlimited data

When moving houses you should aim for unlimited data especially if you use a lot of video streaming, online gaming, and movie downloads. If your internet usage is light browsing, then a 10gb package is sufficient for your needs. If you go over the limit then you will pay extra. In areas with limited coverage and limited packages, moving to access better packages in another address is a great idea.

To avoid line rental charges

Line rental is a costly undertaking however most cheaper broadband deals require a line rental. Most people under the age of 65 years rarely use landlines or don’t have it entirely. thus millions of people are thus forced to use it. Hence you could move homes to take advantage of non-phone line 4G wireless network currently available at several locations. However, the reliability of 4g network has not been established. Moreover, you could consider the mobile broadband.


Finally, if you’re moving homes, finding a suitable less costly, fast, reliable broadband provider is desirable. You can take this opportunity and try out new packages and even get discounts from your current provider if you move with them to the new location. Line rental is very expensive considering that majority dont use landline for daily use. They are forced to use for broad band connection. Thus you can consider mobile broadband or 4G network as alternative. The biggest advantage to gain by moving home is to have access to fiber which is not only cheaper but also very fast.

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