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coast-1834827_1920When you’re trying to cut expenses and live well on less, expenses for your wants are almost always reduced or eliminated first. Personally, I have an issue with this because there’s nothing wrong with having wants. While needs will be prioritized over wants most of the time, it’s important to make sure you’re not miserable while you’re on your road to financial success.

Having fun and maintaining certain hobbies are what makes life more valuable and enjoyable. If you’re on the same page and don’t want to give up having fun hobbies, I’d highly recommend you consider adopting some cheap hobbies that allow you to live a frugal lifestyle that you can enjoy.

Here are 75 cheap hobbies that might interest you.

1. Reading

Reading is super cheap and can allow you to relax and escape to different places through the stories you read. You can also read personal development books in order to grow and evolve by implementing new habits.

2. Basketball

Basketball is a fun sport to play with friends, one-on-one, or with someone else. As long as you have a ball, you can gather up a group and head to a park that has basketball hoops and play for free regularly.

3. Stargazing

If you’re into astronomy, you may really enjoy stargazing especially if the thought of a solar eclipse excites you. You can pick up books at the library to learn more and you can even find stargazing activities to do with your family online for free.

4. Bird Watching

Bird watching is another cheap hobby you can pick up in your spare time. You can go to different parks and locations and even take pictures of the birds you see.

5. Writing

Writing is one of my favorite hobbies. I love it so much that I turned it into a business by becoming a freelance writer. Writing for money is a great perk but you can also just write as a hobby and journal or create stories or memoirs.

6. Cycling

Cycling is great exercise and helps you build endurance. After you invest in a good bike, you don’t really need to spend any more money to keep up with this hobby.

7. Blogging

Blogging is another hobby you can monetize but you can also blog just for fun and share your stories, advice, and insight about various different topics. Blogging is also a great way to make new friends online.

8. Bowling

Bowling can be an active hobby and you can keep if frugal by investing in your own ball and shoes (so you won’t have to pay to rent them whenever you bowl) and utilizing lane discounts that your local bowling alley offers. For example, they may have an offer for $2.50 games on Tuesday evenings when the price is usually $5.50.

9. Playing Board Games

If you collect board or card games, bust them out every now and then to play with friends and family. You can also build your stash by buying new games online for cheap or at thrift stores or garage sales.

10. Sewing

Sewing materials aren’t too expensive and you can also make items for other people to sell or just for fun.

11. Coloring

Adult coloring books are very popular and it can be a very relaxing activity.

12. Playing Instruments

If you play instruments like the drums or the guitar, practicing and making music won’t cost you any additional money.

13. Gardening

Gardening isn’t the cheapest hobby after you buy all the supplies and materials, but it can be super fun and rewarding when you start to grow your own foods right at home. Plus, it can help you save money in the long run.

14. Football

Just like basketball, playing football is a great way to stay active with friends.

15. Geneaology

If you’re interested in your own genealogy, there are plenty of affordable websites and resources you can use to learn more about your ancestors. My local library has free genealogy events where experts help people conduct research.

16. Hiking

Hiking is a popular frugal hobby and provides a good workout. You can explore trails and national parks in your area or even go on day trips and grill out or camp after your hikes.

17. Watching T.V.

Opposite of hiking, watching T.V. isn’t much of an active hobby but it can be a frugal and entertaining hobby nonetheless. If you like watching certain shows or movies each week with a television streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, you’re probably not spending much money at all for the entertainment.

18. Skating

Skating is fun to do all year-round. If you live in a cold area, during the winter you can usually find outdoor ice skating rinks for free. You can also purchase your own skates or rollerblades and join classes at your local roller rink.

19. Flying Kites

Flying kits can be a relaxing and fun hobby to do with kids. You can even switch it up and try creating your own kites, then test them out on a windy day.

20. Yoga

Yoga is a pretty popular hobby that is very cheap since you use your own body to do different poses and there’s really no equipment allowed. You can take group yoga classes or even do yoga at home by finding free videos on YouTube.

Other Cheap Hobbies to Consider

21. Painting

22. Photography

23. People Watching

24. Team Sports or Local Leagues</h4

25. Racing Model Cars

26. Swimming

27. Fishing

28. Zumba

29. Writing Music or Songs

30. Volunteering

31. Church Activities

32. Event Planning

33. Tutoring

34. Tennis

35. Cooking

36. Baking

37. Cake Decorating

38. Jogging

39. Singing

40. Surfing

41. Storm Chasing

42. Teaching Fitness Classes

43. Knitting

44. Skateboarding

45. Building and racing model cars

46. Watching Sports

47. Nail Art

48. Frisbee Golf

49. Scrapbooking

50. Dumpster Diving / Thrifting

51. Dancing

52. Scrapbooking

53. Making Crafts

54. Doing Makeup

55. Camping

56. Walking Dogs

57. Candlemaking

58. DIYing around the house

59. Reupholstering furniture

60. Coding

61. Learning a new language

62. Learn and practice magic

63. Learn oragami

64. Play games online

65. Explore free events in your area

66. Listen to podcasts

67. Sell stuff online

68. Watch documentaries

69. Edit and create digital images

70. Learn graphic design

71. Learn sign language

72. Organize group exercise sessions with friends

73. Start going calligraphy

74. Geocaching

75. Make Jewelry

As you can see, there are many cheap hobbies you can start and maintain without breaking the bank. Just because you’re trying to improve your finances doesn’t mean you need to put yourself and your own enjoyment on the back burner. In fact, having some hobbies can make actually motivate you to meet your goals faster.

Have you ever tried any of these hobbies? What would you add to the list?

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