A Day in the Life of a Consultant

With the Consultancy sector growing impressively in the UK in recent years, and providing an engagingly diverse career where your success translates directly into more opportunities, it’s a popular avenue for graduates with business degrees and good communication skills, and people who’ve gained experience and insight into how businesses run and are looking for a change of direction in their career. With...

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Homeownership Solutions: Understanding Your Property Taxes Inside and Out

Property taxes are one of the biggest sources of income for the state and federal governments. There are many different rules and regulations that can differ from state to state, so if you own a home or are planning to buy one, it’s a good idea to know how property taxes are assessed. Property taxes help pay for schools, roads, emergency services and other vital components that make our lives better....

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Predictive Analytics: What is FICO and Why You Need to Know

If you are an adult, you’ve probably come across the term “credit report.” This is a score by which all financial institutions judge your trustworthiness when it comes to getting loans, credit cards and even jobs. You probably also know that the higher your score, the more likely you are of being approved. What you may not know is how the credit reports came about. In fact, there is one major...

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How Gratitude Affirmations Can Improve Your Finances

If only I could earn more money… I wish I could leave this toxic job for something better… I wish I didn’t have so many bills and so much debt… These are all thoughts you’ve probably had at one time or another. I used to be in a very bad financial situation. Back in 2012, I was a single mom living on welfare and trying to make it through college. Now, I’m doing much better but I still have...

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