To Renew or Not to Renew? Auto Insurance Quandaries for the Frugal Driver

If you’re a frugal driver, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to cut down on your expenses. You probably learned all the tricks and tips to cut down on fuel consumption. You may also know where to get the best service for your car at a great price. However, as fuel prices continue to fluctuate, you’ll need to look for more creative ways to save money on your car. Have you ever considered...

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5 Ways to Live Below Your Means

The key to financial freedom is not necessarily earning more salary each month, but instead, it is to spend less. Rather than increase your expenses every time your income goes up, aim to lower them. That way, you have more money to put away for savings and less financial headaches to worry about. Here are the top ways you can live below your means for better financial health.Buy Less Stuff Around...

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Setting up Shop in Your Garage

Every startup and small business has a unique story of how they came to be. However, many of the first struggles, trials, and victories came from a familiar place: the home basement or garage. No matter if you are Jobs and Wozniak building the newest version of the PC or Michael Kittredge developing Yankee Candle Company, the birth of many small enterprises happened at the founder’s home. However,...

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5 Legitimate Ways to Get Richer

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s not extremely difficult to get rich without winning the lottery or falling into a large lump sum of cash. There are much more realistic ways to get rich over time. It ultimately comes down to keeping more money in your pocket and managing it correctly. These may not be ‘get rich quick’ strategies, but here are 5 legitimate ways to get richer over time. 1....

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