6 Ways to Make your Resume Stand Out when Job Hunting

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job-search-276893_1920Hunting for a job can be frustrating at times, but if you want more income coming in each month, you have to be active on job posting sites. Having a spot on resume and cover letter is the key to landing a job and something that should consume a bulk of the time required to fill out an application.

Resumes and cover letters are not the only components needed in order to help you land a job that pays well, but there are quite a few things that you can do to make your resume stand out from the pile.

Make Sure it is Error-Free and Simple to Read

It may not sound too important, but you should always double and triple check over your resume just to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. One minor spelling mistake could land you directly into the no pile right off the bat.\

Always Submit a Cover Letter in Conjunction with your Resume

Some recruiters do not even give your application their full attention if a cover letter is not attached to your resume. In most case it’s their first impression of you and something they look forward to along with your resume.

Cover letters are a way you can provide more detail about your accomplishments. You can also explain any employment gaps. With a cover letter, you can further demonstrate what qualifies you for the position.

Previous Employer Recommendations

You can also take some time out and add a short and sweet recommendation letter from a previous supervisor. Your Linkedin profile would be a nice place to look for one of these or you can even just ask an old boss to send over a few nice words about your work and accomplishments from your time with the company.

Specify a Clear Objective

Create a clear objective that is eye catching and specifies what type of work you’re looking for. One of the first words the recruiter will read on your resume will be the objective so it’s important to make it as clear and crisp as possible.

Use Numbers and Keywords

Hiring managers are looking for points of interest on your resume. Action words are key and make sure to make your keywords specific and descriptive. Actual quantifiable amounts will help you stand out as well if you choose to detail any revenue or increase your helped generate in a previous position.

Are you ready to find another job to increase your income, have you tried any of these resume building tips?

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