Save Money on Sporting Event Tickets with These 4 Websites

The Superbowl was here and gone before you knew it. As one of the biggest sporting events of the year, cheap tickets were not easy to come by.


With parking, team merchandise, and concessions, a good amount of money can be spent partaking in an athletic event. Needless to say, professional sporting events are expensive all around. If you’re on a budget and trying to live frugally, does this mean you should give up your love for sports altogether and stop attending games? Yes and no.

It’s hard to give up a habit or pastime that brings value to your lie. Most die-hard sports fan have a hard time even cutting their cable package. When it comes to attending sporting events, you can lower your costs in a variety of ways starting with the tickets you buy.

Narrowing down your choices can be overwhelming given the multiple sites that sell tickets.

Make sure you know what you’re buying and double check the purchase before you hit submit. Not all the websites out there are as friendly as some of the ones on this list. Some fans base the reality of going to a game strictly on the price of their seats; let’s not just dream about going, let’s actually go!

Here are four websites that can actually help you save money on sporting events tickets.

Vivid Seats

I’ll start with one of my personal favorites and one that is actually fairly known to ticket buyers. With Vivid Seats, I’ve seen two NBA games for a reasonable price. The great thing about it is they don’t just focus on affordable nosebleed seats, but depending on the game, the 200 section was a decent and cheap option as well. With VividSeats, the tickets will come straight to your door with no problem.

All the tickets have been bought at least once by the time they are posted on the site. Vivid Seats can often be considered a go to for sold-out events and all tickets are backed by a guarantee.

Tickets Now

Tickets Now is owed by Ticketmaster and is considered by many as just a smaller and cheaper version of the ticket selling giant. The site can also be used to resale tickets that fans decided are not for them. Unlike some of its’ competitors, Tickets Now offers up ticket ideas for top teams playing during the specific season right on the homepage without even having to use the search bar.

Ticket Lodge

Ticket Lodge goes as far as having discount tickets in their slogan and logo. They do a pretty good job living up to that. The website gives you an idea where your seats will be as they offer views from each individual seat that you click on when you are browsing tickets. Which is a nice tool; Nothing is wrong with double checking if you will be able to see the action from your behind-the-rim seats.

Finally Its Yours

Simple and straight to the point is a nice way to describe Finally It’s Yours. Looking through all the sites for your tickets and FINALLY you find one worth your time. Some sites do not have a large selection to choose from, but this site has a wide range of seats for fans to scan through to see what fits their budget best.

Do you have plans to see a sporting event in 2016?

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