Frugal Spring Break Ideas for College Students

car-828859_1920Spring Break is always a great time for college students to zone out of study mode and take a break from the regular everyday grind of school. There are some students who would rather save money and stick around campus or go home, while others like to be a little more adventurous and travel.

Regardless of your preference, there are quite a few frugal spring break ideas you can implement to make the most of your time.

Visit Long Distance Family

What better way to spend your time off then visiting your grandma you haven’t seen in three years or your favorite aunt who always sends the nicest Christmas gifts? They would probably love to see you and probably ask your parents how school is going for you each time they talk. So why not take to trip over and tell them in person?

You can get out of your normal element and check out some activities in their area. While you’re there I’m sure you can find something fun to do and avoid having to spend money on a hotel.

Go To a Museum or Play Tourist in your Own Area

Round up a group of friends and head to the closest major city for a museum day where you can check out other attractions as well. When you’re with good friends, the activity doesn’t matter and you might be lucky to find some free events during spring break which would be the perfect time to cash in any coupons or gift cards as well.


Some fraternities and sororities need to meet a certain amount of volunteer hours per year and spring break could be the perfect opportunity to get some of those hours taken care of. Students can either stay on campus and ask around, or even help out around the community they grew up in. Helping out around home could include talking to students at your old high school; if they are still in session and not on their break as well of course.

Road Trips

Just getting in your car and driving can be a fun and cheap way to celebrate summer being right around the corner. Even if you only brought one friend with you the money saved on gas could be exceptional with an even split. There are some wonderful sites out there that are just waiting for you to visit including many complimentary state parks. So feel free to let your GPS take you on an adventure.


College students have a lot on their plate. With athletics, studying, and homework your schedule can get packed. But you still have expenses as a college student so most people have to budget in time for part-time work as well. If you need extra money, you may want to pick up hours during your spring break since you’ll have more free time. You can even pick up side jobs on Craigslist or put in applications for seasonal summer work as well. I know working doesn’t sound like a fun or realaxing way to spend your spring break, but you would be setting yourself up for financial success instead of blowing all your money.

Stay at Home

I remember back when I was in college, sometimes life would get so busy that I would just long to take a day off to rest, nap in my bed, and watch movies. Spring break is the perfect time to do that. You can catch up on your rest, watch a few movies or even meet up with a friend for lunch. Just give your body some brain rest, lay back and recharge so you can finish the semester off strong.

What do you usually do during spring break? How are you looking to keep the costs down?

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