Bad Credit Personal Loans

The prime thing that we need in an emergency crisis is money in this world. You can take it from emergency savings fund, but at many times the money which needed is a lot when compared to the savings fund. At this time we would approach banks for asking personal loans. They will verify our past transactions and credit score. If we have a good credit then the loan will be sanctioned else they would...

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Summer Fun on a Budget

  Summer fun can be had on a budget with some planning With kids out of school and weather that begs for a trip to the beach or pool, the summer months mean summer vacations. And summer fun mean lots of money, right? Not necessarily. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy amazing summer trips on a budget. Here’s how: Staycation  Maybe the cheapest vacation that you can take is the one that...

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New Overtime Laws: What They Could Mean for You

I remember thinking how awesome my first salaried job was. I was right out of college, working as a Communications Specialist for a non-profit. I didn’t mind the long hours to hit deadlines or the entire weekends I spent working 12-hour days at events. Looking back, I realize that I probably worked more than 60 hours each week, sometimes more. That means I was making an hourly rate that was a little...

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Can You Trust Online Banks?

Think of all the money-related things you do online—pay your bills, check your statements, and even make deposits. Now think of the last time you went to an actual bank, whether through the drive-through or in the door. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I went to my bank’s brick-and-mortar building. This got me thinking about online banks, or Internet banks. I’ve heard a lot about...

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