The Best Businesses for Dog Lovers

I recently visited some friends from college in Dallas. One of the first things I noticed was how dog-friendly the city is. I commented on it as we sat down to lunch. “Everyone has a dog here,” one of my friends told me. I soon realized that everyone at our table had several things in common: 1) We were all 30-something, child-free professionals. 2) We all had dogs. 3) We all spent...

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How to Negotiate Like a Pro

I recently relocated to a large city. One of the first things I learned while touring apartments, high rises, mid-rises, condos, and everything in between was this: Everything is negotiable. I never considered myself a savvy negotiator until I was signing my lease papers. As stated in my lease, I was paying $100 less each month than the advertised price, waiving $150 in “application” fees,...

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Skills Required Throughout the Financial Industry

finance industry, job requirement, skills requirement The financial industry can be a competitive market to break into, and this is due to the excellent career opportunities, as well as the potential above-average salaries available. Having the right qualifications is of course a key element towards landing that job, but understanding the skills that employers are looking for will be beneficial...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Health This Summer

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Forget about new year’s resolutions, the best time to kick-start a new, healthier way of life is right now. Not only are the summer days longer and brighter, but in the summer months we have more energy and more opportunities to get active in the great outdoor. Try a New Sport When it comes to physical activity, it is important to find something you really enjoy doing, and the summer is a perfect...

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