Three Surprising Reasons Destinations Weddings Are the Answer to Tight Budgets

wedding destinations, wedding, tight budget
Getting engaged is awesome… Until you start putting together your wedding budget. Who knew that centerpieces, a DJ, renting a venue, plus booze could be so darn expensive. And then as soon as you post the news on social media everyone and their uncle expects a wedding invite. That honeymoon you always dreamed of sinks further and further down the priority list as you attempt to figure out a way...

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5 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Rent During Lease Renewal

lease renewal, renting, renting a place, lowering rental options
Don’t you hate when the lease renewal for your rental agreement comes in the mail? It almost certainly brings an increase in rent. And who wants to spend more money on housing? I was a property manager in my past life and I’ve mailed out tons of renewal letters and had tons of renewal conversations. I know from experience that no renewal rate is set in stone. There’s always some room...

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Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort: A Comparison

Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort
Let’s say you and your sleep partner both have very different ideas about what makes a comfortable bed. Perhaps your partner wants a very firm bed, while you prefer a super-soft mattress, or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you’ve tried to compromise only to find yourselves sleeping on a mattress that satisfies neither of you. What’s a couple to do? Well, you could continue sleeping on...

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Apartment Life: How to Protect Yourself, Your Identity and Your Stuff

Apartment Life, moving in, protection, safety
For many people, living alone in a new apartment can be the ultimate in freedom and independence. Whether it’s your very first apartment or simply a new home at a new stage in your life, the idea of one’s own space is comforting, exciting, and it’s a chance to live life on one’s own terms. While the vast majority of people will never experience a situation in their homes that makes them feel...

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