8 Cheap Halloween Costumes to Make in Minutes

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It happens every year.

You don’t plan to do anything for Halloween. Yet at the last minute you receive an invitation and you need a costume.

Costumes happen to be very expensive if bought online or at a party store.

And we should all avoid spending a ton of money on an outfit that we’ll only wear for a few hours. So try one of these cheap Halloween costumes that you can make at home in minutes.


1. Chef

Photo from Anders Ruff

Photo from Anders Ruff


Locate an inexpensive apron, chef’s jacket, and hat. If you can’t find a chef hat try this easy tutorial. Throw some flour on your outfit and your look is complete.


2. Men in black

Photo from October31.co.uk

Photo from October31.co.uk


Have a black suit? You have a costume. Wear a white shirt underneath it with dark glasses and you’re ready for a Halloween party in minutes as one of the Men in Black.


3. Miley Cyrus

Photo from Brit + Co

Photo from Brit + Co


Miley’s outfit on the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards is now so infamous it deserves a little mocking. To go as Miley, put your hair in two small buns at the top of your head. Wear red lipstick and carry a teddy bear. Don’t forget to stick out your tongue – a lot.


4. Tom Cruise from Risky Business

Photo from Martha Lynn Kale

Photo from Martha Lynn Kale


Probably the simplest fall back costume for kids and adults alike. Use a white button down shirt, get a cheap pair of black sunglasses, and put on a pair of high white socks. Then have fun rocking the night away as Tom Cruise.


5. Ghost

Photo from Wiki How

Photo from Wiki How


Poke three holes in a white sheet and go as a ghost. Take a few pictures to prove you came to the party dressed up. Then ditch the sheet and enjoy your night. Or to be slightly more functional while in costume, put holes in the side and wear a white shirt underneath.


6. Rosie the Riveter

Photo from Parent Society

Photo from Parent Society


For this costume you just need makeup, a button down shirt, and scarf. (And ideally a nice size bicep 🙂 .) Watch a YouTube tutorial to learn how to apply Pin Up style makeup and hair.


7. Nerd

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest


Another super easy outfit to make quickly at home with a button down shirt, jeans, suspenders, glasses, and a bow tie. Tuck the shirt into the jeans and put tape in the middle of your glasses.


8. Cat


Wear all black and draw on whiskers and a black noise. Since the kitten ear headband is a current fashion trend, you’ll probably be able to find affordable ears at a local retailer. If you can’t find a pair try making the head band above for cheap. Meow!

Do you have any other fun ideas for costumes that you can make at home for hardly any money? Share with us below!

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  1. Abigail says:

    Put on a flowing shirt and skirt and lots of costume jewelry and be a fortune teller? And gender-bending costumes are always quick and easy.

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