How a Stay at Home Mom Contributes to the Family Finances

10873840_sIf you’re a stay at home mom, or married to one, you know how tight money can get.  Years ago many families lived comfortably on one income. Doing so nowadays is not so easily done.  Home prices are high as are food prices.

Many moms love to stay home and care for their children, but may struggle with guilt that they’re not “contributing” to the family income.

There are ways that you can contribute, even while you’re busy raising a family. However, first consider how you’re already contributing.

The Contributions of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Consider all the expenses a mom saves by staying home and raising her children:

  • If you have young children, you’re saving $600 to $1,200 a month per child by not sending your children to daycare.
  • If you have school age children, you’re likely saving several hundred dollars per month by not having to enroll your child in after school care or hiring a babysitter to care for them.
  • You likely save on clothing because you don’t need to pay for a professional work wardrobe.
  • You likely save on food because you’re able to cook more rather than grabbing fast food when you don’t have time to cook.
  • You may use coupons and save your family a significant amount of money on groceries and toiletries.
  • You probably save on taxes because if you worked outside the home, you’re family would earn more and you’d be in a higher tax bracket.

Just by being home caring for your family, you’re already saving your family a great deal of money.  Depending on your career, you may even find that if you were to go back to work, you wouldn’t truly bring home any extra money after paying for all of the above expenses.

Ways a Stay-at-Home Mom Can Bring in Extra Money

Still, after considering all of the factors above, if you decide you’d still like to contribute more to the family finances, there are plenty of ways you can do so that don’t require a regular schedule or a lot of time.

Take Surveys.

Many moms take surveys online through respected survey companies.  I’ve even tried my hand at these.  While they do pay out small amounts, I personally have found these not worth my time.  Many surveys take 15 to 30 minutes to complete, yet they pay out very little.  The benefit is that you can do the surveys when you have time.

Enter giveaways.

There are oodles of giveaways on the Internet.  Your favorite blogs might regularly offer them, or you can find many at  I know several moms who get most of their kids’ Christmas and birthday presents simply by entering and winning giveaways.  Another good place to look is  She offers low entry giveaways, so your chances of winning are greater.

Use Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you for searching the Internet as well as doing other tasks.  In a year, I typically earn $100 to $200 in Amazon gift cards simply by searching the Internet, without doing many of the extra tasks to earn Swagbucks.

Apply for a Home-Based Job

There are tons of opportunities out there for moms to hold a job while staying home with the kids. If you have the skills and determination, you can easily find part-time work opportunities online.

What other ways can work at home moms make money without a regular time commitment?

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  1. Disclaimer: I am not a parent (yet).

    When I was a child (late 80’s, early 90’s) my Mom was a SAHM. She ran a tight ship, and this was pre-easy-internet access, so the surveys/swagbucks options weren’t there.

    What she did was take those children who had two parents working outside of the house and look after them. This might have been for an hour in the morning and then she’d drop them off at school with us, or for 2-3 hours after school until their parents got off work. She didn’t generally take kids for full days, but once and awhile she would because their older sibling was one of her regulars. It still gave her a chunk of time mid-day to get a lot of household stuff done without kids in tow, but also gave her a sense of contributing financially to the household, and made the budget a bit easier for my parents.

    Personally, I do swagbucks, and surveys, but not enough to consider it any sort of contribution to the household financials. I might make $10/month from that. It’s not really worth the time in most cases – I used to be big on it, but I’ve realized, although it does add up, that $2 for 20 minutes of work isn’t worth the effort. I’d rather start a website (oh wait, I did!) 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,

      Welcome to the world of blogging! Now you will make $1 for 20 minutes of work instead of $2. If you can blog and do swagbucks at the same time, you can make $3 per hour or more. 🙂


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