Updates: February 2-8

top-canadian-finance-bloggerFirst off, Jeremy is back with his annual and epic Top Canadian Finance Blogs Poll for 2014.

So make sure you visit and vote for your favorite blogs! The Dividend Ninja and Outlier Model would be grateful for your support! You might also be surprised to find out how many of your favorite personal finance blogs are actually written by Canadians. 😉

Also be sure to check out The Financial Bloggers Conference, which is going to be held in New Orleans for 2014! This is going to be one massive and fun event. I attended FinCon11 and FinCon12. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable and important this conference has been to my blogging career. Not to mention the friendships you’ll make! If money is a concern, don’t sweat it. Many bloggers share rooms, and much of the food and entertainment is provided for.  Make sure to sign-up before Feb. 28th to get the discounted pass. There is also a discounted hotel rate as well for FinCon attendees, but the room block won’t last forever!

Here is what has been going on this week:

  • Has your blogged crossed the 2 million mark? Well it did for my buddy over at Dividend Mantra, who crossed 2-million page views at the end of January. Mantra has done a great job with his site, and he’s shared that journey openly with his readers. It’s even more amazing when you consider he achieved the last 1 million page views in six months.
  • Over at Reach Financial Independence, Pauline had a funky guest post from Eric, on how to create customized furniture for fun and profit. It’s a cool post, and you have to see the table he created…
  • Here is an excellent and heartfelt post from Girl Meets Debt, on the 5 Best Tips for New Bloggers. This isn’t your usual how to blog post, so be sure to check it out!
  • At My Alternate Life, Jordan asks what do you value? What do you spend your money on, and what is important to you? Jordan takes a look at her spending habits, to see what she truly values.  That’s a great way to break it down!
  • Over at Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, Jessica has an entire series on blog marketing. Be sure to check out her latest post, Part-5 Website Design. Great series Jessica!

For the investing savvy crowd:

  • Over on the Dividend Ninja, I looked at the TSX Canadian Aristocrats Index, and discussed why I think it’s a flawed index. I’ll be continuing Part-2 next week. I know some people get excited about this stuff – apparently I do. 😉
  • My Own Advisor (not really my advisor) talked about drawing down your RRSP before retirement, and the benefits of doing so before turning 71. There certainly is a benefit to taking the tax-lump sooner than later.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

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