How to get a PS4 Bundle Cheap

Christmas season is coming and so are next-gen game consoles.  Here’s how you can get a PS4 bundle including Killzone: Shadowfall & 1Year of PlayStation Plus for just over $400 (retail should be $510+ taxes) by using $25 pay pal credit, $25 new customer credit from and 20% back from ebates.

Photo Credit: Via Flickr

Photo Credit: Via Flickr


Cash-back/Rebate Accounts:

1. Sign up for using this link

2. Sign up for using this link

Purchase flow:

You’ll still be billed $521, as the cashback of 20% from is sent to you later (generally a month).

1. Click on the link to from ebates, which will generate a ticket and automatically open Use this window to complete transaction to get the 20% cash back.

2. Add the PS4 Bundle to your shopping cart. Select checkout using Paypal. On the Paypal screen you will see under payment options Credit Card as well as “Special Offer”. This is where the $25 rebate is taken off the payment amount.

3. Enter $25 of your new customer bucks toward the purchase. You must enter this yourself, it doesn’t automatically apply it.

4. Complete the purchase and you will have received $25 Paypal credit, $25 new customer credit, and the 20% cashback from!

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