Updates: October 13-19

Yikes – Brian’s not here and I have to do an update post?

That’s right… due to an incredible two week long head-cold-flu-angry-stomach-issue, I did not end up going to Europe.  Big sad face  🙁

I’ll be able to use the majority of the money I paid on an alternate ticket (thanks KLM!) but it still sucks that I’m going to be missing out this time around.  Sighhhhh.

summer drink

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  • Smart grocery shopping is one of the biggest ways that Brian and I save money!  You don’t make it on $200 a month by shopping whenever you’re hungry, after all.  Don at 20s Finances talks about how you should approach grocery shopping.
  • Tonya at Budget and the Beach discusses getting over her fear of plastic and using credit cards to her advantage.  There was a time where I avoided using my credit card like the plague, but now I find it comes in handy, especially for points and rewards!
  • Sometimes, I wish I *could* tell my parents about my money problems instead of constantly hearing about theirs.  Girl Meets Debt writes about talking to her parents about her debt over the holidays.
  • And finally, over at Young Adult Money, Catherine talks about having a minimalist wardrobe for work.  I’m totally on board with this – I like to look good, but I’m not going to spend my whole pay cheque to impress my co-workers with my fashion sense!

That’s it for this week – you’re stuck with me for another weekend and then Brian’s back!

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