Updates: August 18 – 24

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Earlier this week, I shared my epiphany over dollar value averaging – well, I’ve been continuing to read the book and have started doing some actual stock research. One of the suggestions I’ve been trying to follow is to look at the industry you work in. This works well for me because I work with a lot of senior executives at a number of small, publicly traded companies in a growing...

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Dollar Value Averaging – Where have you been all my life?

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Last weekend, I was out playing some racquetball with Freedom Thirty Five Blog and Modest Money. Jeremy has been raving about Jason Kelly’s book, The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing, for a few months now (check out his review). He brought me a copy to read, and in record pace (for me, at least) I’ve managed to read almost the entire book in a single week. It helped that I...

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August Garden Update

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Another month of summer down means another month of gardening has passed us by.  Last month, we showed off our new community garden and the seedlings and plants that we had in the ground. This month, Vancouver has had a long bout of sunny, warm weather, followed recently by some cooler showers.  This can only mean one thing – harvest time! New Community Garden Despite the monstrous tomato jungle...

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Updates: August 11 – 17

This weekend I left CF in the city working on some big work deadlines and headed out to visit my family a couple of hours away. For any Canadians who remember The Beachcombers, I grew up on the Sunshine Coast where the show was filmed. It’s a great place to escape from the city for a short while and not a very long trip. I’m also off to one of the nearby islands for the day to visit a...

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