Updates: June 30 – July 6

Well, after taking a week off to host our first carnival, it’s back to the updates! We’ve been experience a heat wave in Vancouver which led to some adventures in trying to buy a tower fan. You see, Vancouver doesn’t get very hot all that often, but when it does, everyone seems to go out and buy fans or air conditioners. We’ve discovered that being on the third floor on the west side of the building, it gets pretty hot in here during the afternoons. It’s especially bad for CF to the point of affecting sleep. So, we decided to go the less expensive route and get a decent fan rather than spend over$400 on an air conditioner. I’m not even sure where we would have put it!

I had to check or call about 8 different stores before I found a place that still had one! The hope is that it’s still early in the summer so we should get lots of use out of it this year!

 tower fan

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Thanks to everyone who included us over the last two weeks!

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