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Happy Victoria Day weekend! Or, if you’re in the States, happy one week until your long weekend! I never really paid much attention to the reasoning behind the holiday, other than I know we used to have a Queen Victoria at one point. If you’re interested in the history, Canadian Budget Binder has a good recap!

Photo Credit: markhillary via Flickr

Photo Credit: markhillary via Flickr

On another note, I’ve been trying to decide how long I’m going to keep my side hustle. Working at the store has gotten less enjoyable over the past few months due to some changes in management, and while I’m only there once or twice a week it is starting to get to me. However, the extra income I’ve managed to save has done a lot for my budget. I’ve paid for my upcoming WSET wine course, our trip to Europe in the fall and still have money left over, just from giving up a night or two a week for the past couple years. The decision to quit has to be balanced by what extra things I still want to have money for. For example, in September I plan on taking a Project Management Certification course, in preparation for getting my PMP designation. The course isn’t cheap and my employer hasn’t been interested in funding me in the past, so I’d like to save more money for that. While I would like to quit in a month, I think I’ll hang on to it until September when I start the course and transition that way. Decisions, decisions…

Any suggestions from our readers?

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  1. Mike@WeOnlyDoThisOnce says:

    Thanks for the mention! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. It’s hard to give up side hustle money especially if you know it may come in handy. What about finding another job that might make you happier and you can earn the extra cash doing it? I think the wine course would be great. You really need to know your stuff for that. Good for you!! You have lots of decisions but I’m sure the right ones will come from your heart. Cheers and Happy Victoria Day mates! Mr.CBB

    • Brian says:

      The other part is that I’m feeling a bit burned out and want to have time to focus on other projects (like the courses above). There is always ways of making more cash that don’t involve a straight trade for my time, so when I do quit, I’ll focus more on those opportunities. Have a great weekend!


  3. Net says:

    You mentioned that you are planning on doing a project manager program. I currently work as a project manager eventhough I have a science degree. I really enjoy my work and in the beginning thought about doing this same program. At the same time I wonder how beneficial it would be for me to take the course. Tuition is expensive as you mentioned and of course I would like to upgrade. Could you please elaborate if you don”t mind what made you decide you wanted to do this program and where do you see this qualification taking you.

    • Brian says:

      Hi Net,

      You sound like you have a similar background as I do. The reason why I want to take the project management course is to gain some formal training in subjects that I didn’t get in school. These are mainly related to business, personnel management and financials, which my science degree didn’t include. Currently I work in a field related to science, but ultimately after I complete the project management course and certification exam, I want to be able to cross over into other (more lucrative) fields.

      Happy to talk more if you drop me an email!


  4. Liquid says:

    It’s always helpful to improve your skills. I feel the courses you’ll be taking is more important than the current side hustle so I would prioritize accordingly. These kinds of decisions are often hard to decide if you want to maintain a balanced lifestyle. But I guess time management will be one of the skills you’ll be more proficient with after you get your PMP 😀 Thanks for the mention, happy long weekend :0)

  5. I really appreciate the mention of my article. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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