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It seems like everyone I know is just about finished up with their tax returns. Sadly, this year I’ll actually be faced with giving up more money to the government thanks to extra income from my side gig, the blog and about $4000 net income from our rental condo. We increased RRSP contributions midway through the year, but it wasn’t quite enough to catch up to the extra income. Next year should be good with the added RRSP contributions, added RRSP matching by my employer and the ability to decrease the condo net income thanks to an assessment this year.

Photo credit: s_falkow via flickr

Photo credit: s_falkow via flickr

We also made some progress on moving our RRSP investments to a brokerage – goodbye mutual fund fees! All that remains is to mail in a form and wait for the results. All this financial stuff should be cleared up in time for the weather to finally get better and I can enjoy being outside again.

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  1. Thanks much for the mention, I really appreciate it. Paying more in taxes does suck, but at least you made more money. 😉

  2. Pauline says:

    I hate paying taxes but that is quite a good problem to have… thank you for the mention.

  3. Tony@WeOnlyDoThisOnce says:

    Thanks for the great links! Have a great weekend.

  4. eemusings says:

    Thanks for the love!

  5. Jose says:

    Thanks for the mention!I hate it that you have to pay more taxes, but if it’s because of a lot of extra income, then that’s not too bad a position to be in!

  6. I hope you blog about your process of moving your RRSPs to the brokerage or have I missed that? Thanks for mentioning a CBB post although it was a fan who shared her story, not me. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  7. Liquid says:

    Condo assessments can be annoying. I’ve had one last year but it wasn’t too bad. I have yet to do my tax return, but will get on that shortly. Thanks for the mention 😀

  8. Thanks for the mention. Same for me with taxes, though I’m still getting a tiny bit back but not much to sniff at.

  9. Booo to owing money this year. Hopefully next year will be better. I still haven’t filed yet. I’m still organizing all my freelance stuff and my appt is on the 29th. I really don’t think I’ll owe, but fingers crossed.


  1. Friday recap 26

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