How much will a cruise cost?

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Cruise holidays are many people’s idea of the dream holiday and it isn’t unusual for individuals to save their hard earned money to be able to afford to go on a cruise holiday.

Photo credit: quinet via Fickr

Photo credit: quinet via Fickr

However, once you have paid up and booked your cruise of a lifetime, the spending, unfortunately, doesn’t end there. Even “all inclusive” cruises can have hidden costs attached or simply just don’t cover all the things you might want to do whilst cruising.

A great example of an extra expense that people will certainly encounter and not be able to avoid is shore excursions.

It makes sense that cruise ships will stop in a number of ports while you are on board and you will probably want to leave the ship for a few hours and explore on dry land.

Most cruise lines sell their own variation of shore excursions that will show you around the main sites of a port and the best places to do a little shopping but even if you try and do a shore excursion under your own steam you are still going to end up spending extra cash in local shops, bars and restaurants depending on how long you stay ashore.

It makes sense to factor these trips into your saving plan for your holiday to make sure you can enjoy the cruise experience to the full.

When you book an “all inclusive” cruise this usually just includes meals and drinks in the same way it would if you were staying at a conventional hotel, however, cruise ships are crammed full of things to do that cost a little extra like spa treatments or salons if you feel like pampering yourself.

You will also find that many cruises offer other on board activities such as keep fit; Yoga and Pilates for example.

So what is the best way to save for your cruise, I hear you ask? Well a really obvious, but often overlooked, fact is to make sure you save enough money to spend while you are away and it’s always smart to shop around to try and get a good deal on your cruise holiday itself.

You could try looking for deals on Virgin Holidays Cruises – I found an old blog post that talks about the launch of “austerity cruises” last year, which could be perfect if you absolutely have to plan ahead – or wait until the last minute to try and grab a late deal as there are sometimes plenty to be had depending on where and when you are going.

To make your money go even further, regularly hosts competitions in which readers can not only win some great cruising prizes, but could even win an entire holiday on occasion, which could save you a boatload!

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  1. Cruises can be lots of fun, but it can be really easy to keep spending money once you’re on board! My best tip – get someone else to pay for the cruise 😉

  2. Pauline says:

    I have been thinking about going on a cruise for a while now and there are some really cheap ones for the Caribbean, I just don’t like that so many fees aren’t included. You think room and board are taken care of, but if you want to eat nicer things or have a beer you have to pay for it. All inclusive resorts at least have no surprises.

  3. We’ve been on three cruises ourselves. My Mom paid for one and we went on two others just the two of us. They can be pricey, but if you set yourself a nice budget of money to spend then there should be no issues.

  4. I’ve never been on a cruise nor has Mrs.CBB. Back in 2012 we had a guest post about taking a cruise on a budget with some great tips. It’s always interesting to learn tips from others who are well travelled or have been there, done that. I think maybe one day if we can save enough up we might go the cruise route just for something different.

  5. We have thought about going on a cruise many times before but I have yet to pull the trigger! It does sound really fun and it’s a great way to see several places in one trip.

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