Updates: Feb 17 – 23

Today, I’m off to the local mountains to do some skiing! I’m cashing in on my brother’s Christmas gift to me for a day on the slopes. It’s been snowing on the mountain the last couple of days (and raining in Vancouver…hard), so the conditions should be great. It’s the only forecasted day of sun all week, so I’m making the most of it.

CF and I had designs on taking a trip to Whistler this weekend, but our frugality muscle won out after we found out that we couldn’t get a hotel room for less than $250 a night. We even tried Priceline and no luck – we’ll try again in a few weeks. What are you up to this weekend?

Photo Credit: nonanet via Flickr

Photo Credit: nonanet via Flickr

Here’s what I’ll be reading on the chairlift!

  • NZ Muse is heading off to travel the world. Hopefully she’ll still have time to meet up with me in April while I’m in Auckland!
  • More travel recap from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses – check out Day 5 and 6!
  • Looking to get some wine on a budget? This can be difficult in Canada, but Add Vodka looks at some ways that you can save money on wine. I fully agree with all her points!
  • Pauline at Reach Financial Independence looks at some of the ways you can make money though owning a website. She did a good job of capturing the pros and cons of a lot of common types of websites, including blogs!
  • If you were in debt and getting married, would you take a honeymoon? My Alternate Life looks at why they’re choosing to go on vacation, while still being smart about it.
  • Finance Fox explains the importance of building an email marketing list. This is something I focus on at work and something that’s important as you grow your business.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week!


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