Updates: Feb 10 – 16

We like to plan ahead.

So much so, we jumped on an excellent Valentines Day sale from KLM and booked flights to Prague! For October. CF and I had been planning a Europe trip for this summer/fall and were waffling between France or the Czech Republic/Eastern Germany. We ended up deciding on Prague because I have to attend a conference in Leipzig at the end of October and with flights on for $850/person to Prague, we couldn’t pass it up. Since work is paying for my flight, we’re effectively getting a flight to Europe for $425 a person. We also get a free stopover in Amsterdam! So, the plan is to fly to Amsterdam for a couple of days, then on to Prague and work our way up to Leipzig via Dresden in time for my conference. We’re already starting to plan out our activities and accommodation – I’m excited! Being able to leverage my job to travel is one of the things I like the most about my job. I still have another trip to do before Europe, but sadly I’m not bringing CF along on that one. In April, I’m heading to Auckland, New Zealand for another conference, where I hope to meet up with NZ Muse! Any bloggers in Europe looking for a meetup in October?

Photo Credit: Oneras via Flickr

Photo Credit: Oneras via Flickr

In other news, CF dropped her phone in hot soup and it’s now on it’s way to Texas for repair or warranty replacement. Wish us luck! Be sure to check out these awesome posts from the week!

  • The cute little squashes at the farmer’s market always tempt us!  We’ve been baking them but maybe this weekend we’ll try a soup recipe, courtesy of Jason at Work Save Live.  It has bacon!
  • Looking for some wine on the cheap? It’s hard to find in Canada, but Add Vodka gives her tips. I would add that you can get some excellent deals on quality if you choose something from Spain or Portugal.
  • NZ Muse takes advantage of living in the land of sheep with a rack of lamb…she didn’t even have to cook it!
  • Mo Money Mo Houses waited until after her big trip to look at her 2013 goals – go check them out!
  •  I read about a similar system on another blog at one point – Modest Money reviews ‘Qmee’, an online search tool which enables the user to get paid for surfing the web!
  • Taking a cruise around your local alley is a great way to find some perfectly good, discarded household items. Canadian Budget Binder goes a step further and looks at dumpster diving!
  • Tired of paying high gas prices? It might not be so high, compared to the rest of the world, depending where you live. Freedom Thirty Five Blog looks at Global Gasoline Prices.
  • CF and I are thinking of going to the casino tonight. Reach Financial Independence looks at responsible gambling – we follow all her suggestions!
  • No matter how accountable we make ourselves, change ain’t easy. Blonde on a Budget shares a thoughtful post on life, money and big changes.


Thanks to all the great blogs who included us this week!

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