Video conferencing on the rise

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The rise and rise of video conferencing can be explained for so many reasons. This infographic by Powwownow shows why the Powwow Now video conferencing service is growing in popularity amongst the business community, with cost savings and more effective communication among the reasons cited.

New technologies designed to make video conferencing even more appealing could also play a big role in seeing video conferencing become an essential tool for every small and medium-sized business. In the survey conducted to create the data you can see on the infographic, as many as three out of four people think video conferencing will replace conventional conference calling.

Using video conferencing in place of travelling to meetings is something that many businesses will like the sound of. It saves time, money and allows for greater preparation for each video conference call. Also, it allows for greater flexibility and for those with the necessary software to communicate with anyone in the world, meaning greater opportunities to build a worldwide client base.

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