Updates: November 18 – 24

Well, all the papers are signed and we’re packing up our apartment tomorrow and moving to our new condo. Luckily, we’re pretty good at this – we’ve moved on average once every 14 months for the past seven years. We also have a whole week to complete the move, but we’re planing on starting to live in our new place on Sunday.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun

To celebrate our last night as renters, we’re heading out with the Vancouver PF blogger crowd for some good old fashioned five pin bowling. I used to live within a few blocks of the lanes and now that it’s slated for demolition (mixed use condos – what else in Vancouver!), I thought it was time for a visit.

Here’s some great reading for the weekend!

  • Mo Money Mo Houses is going to Thailand! Being able to afford travel is a huge benefit of having your finances in order, and something I wouldn’t give up for anything!
  • Liquid Independence loves commodities – this time, he’s after Hostess Twinkies, rather than farmland. Check out his plan to make a buck at Freedom Thirty Five Blog.
  • My Alternate Life discusses consumerism and minimalism. With the pending move to a small living space, I love the fact Jordann doesn’t have a kitchen table and never wants to live in a big space.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week – if I missed anything, send me an email and I’ll get it in there next week.

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  1. Congratulations mate that’s great news. Sounds like you are moving and packing pros by now. Thanks for the mention. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Congrats on your new home. Have fun as your last night as renters when you go bowling.

  3. Pauline says:

    Congratulations, I hope he move goes smoothly. Should be a breeze with so much experience!

  4. Congrats! And best of luck with the move!!!! Thanks so much for the mention. 🙂

  5. Liquid says:

    New highrises and mix use condos are popping up all over the lower mainland. At least this will keep home prices in check. I just hope we don’t see a sharp correction or anything. Congrats on getting all the paperwork done for your new place 😀 Good luck with the move tomorrow. Take it easy. I know moving can be quite the work out, or maybe I’m just out of shape 😛

  6. Thanks for the link love and bowling was super fun! We need to do it again!

  7. I hope that your move goes smoothly 🙂

  8. Hey thanks a lot for the mention!

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