My weekly meals #3

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It can be hard to imagine what eating on $100 a month is like.  So, similar to our grocery motivation posts, I’m going to occasionally post a journal of what Brian and I ate that week, along with approximate costs.  The costs are only approximate because I don’t always remember how much I money I paid for meat or bulk vegetables for example.  But I’ll try to use a cost that reflects an average or sale price, scaled according to the portion used.
Fried Rice

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  • Breakfast: egg sandwich with cheese plus fresh fruit ($1)
  • Lunch: fried rice ($0.60)
  • Dinner: rice with curry tofu and steamed egg and mushroom casserole ($1)
  • Breakfast: noodle soup with pork, beansprouts and greens ($1)
  • Lunch: sandwich with Monterey Jack cheese, deli meats, and garden veggies ($1.50)
  • Dinner: chicken curry (chicken, potatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas) with rice ($0.75)
  • Breakfast: homemade egg McMuffin with yogurt and fruit
  • Lunch: sandwich with Monterey Jack cheese, deli meats, and garden veggies ($1.50)
  • Dinner: chicken curry (chicken, potatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas) with rice ($0.75)
  • Breakfast: rice and soup ($0.75)
  • Lunch: chicken curry (chicken, potatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas) with rice ($0.75)
  • Dinner: pasta with bolognese sauce and broccoli
  • Breakfast: homemade egg McMuffin plus fresh fruit ($0.75)
  • Lunch: pasta with bolognese sauce and broccoli ($0.75)
  • Dinner: pork chops with heirloom carrots and rice ($2.25)
  • Breakfast: cereal with fruit plus toast ($0.75)
  • Lunch: pasta with bolognese sauce and broccoli ($0.75)
  • Dinner: I actually went out for dinner with a friend, using my budgeted spending money
  • Breakfast: cereal with fruit plus toast ($0.75)
  • Lunch: noodles with meatballs and garden veggies ($1.25)
  • Dinner: fried fish with mixed veggies and rice ($1.75)

I also went through a litre of orange juice ($1.99), some crackers, a few pouches of tea and a bit of cheese here and there.  Not a bad week, overall.  We were able to save some money by using garden tomatoes in our pastas and sandwiches and frozen foraged berries in our cereal.  I was happy we got to eat some fish but I wished we had taken time to make a vegetarian meal as well.

How’d you eat this past week?  Did you stay in budget?

This post was also featured on Life as Mom – Frugal Friday.

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  1. I’ve been finding lately that the grocery budget that we previously had a hard time sticking to ($450/month for two people) has been more than enough to cover the cost of our eating habits. In fact, lately we’ve consistently been coming in way under that. I think it’s because we’ve been eating a lot less meat, only one or two items per week instead of every night.

    • CF says:

      Nice! We try to go meatless for 1 or 2 days a week. When we do eat meat, it’s not a large amount. People really do eat much more meat than they need.

  2. Once again – well done!
    My spouse made an insane amount of a pasta dish, right before leaving for 10 days… so I’ve been basically living on that. I provided the turkey for thanksgiving, so that was rather pricey. I’m getting pretty bad when it comes to groceries and seem to buy whatever I feel like. I did get a giant thing of cranberry juice given to me (which is kind of like crack cocaine for me). I’ve also learned that Bolthouse makes the cheapest pomegranate juice, which is surprising given how expensive their smoothies are! (Pom = for clandestine sips and cocktails)

    • CF says:

      I love bulk food like that though – it’s so nice to know that you don’t have to do anything for dinner or lunches. And I’ve never actually tried pomegranate juice (though I do like pomegranates…) so I’ll have to keep that brand in mind. I don’t know if we have it in Canada though…

  3. Heather says:

    I’m super impressed at such a low food budget! We are a family of 6 and our grocery budget gives me a crazy headache! Even with cooking from scratch and intentionally being very frugal we have a hard time keeping it reasonable. Good job!

    • CF says:

      Thanks Heather! Well, with 6 people it can be hard to find something that appeals to everyone 🙂 We’re both pretty easy going when it comes to food choices.

  4. What is your budget for the month again? That’s an awesome meal plan, good for you! I really need to sit with Mrs.CBB on a regular basis and do meal plans although we have done them in the past. We don’t eat much meat but if we do it’s likely sausages. This was a no shop week as you will notice in our Grocery Game Challenge but from now until December we are buckling down. I’m amazed at how many of my fans are sticking to their budget and some even lowering it realizing they were buying too much food. So, taking control is very important for our health and our budget. Cheers Mr.CBB

    • CF says:

      We spend $200 a month. We usually break it up into two $100 chunks, each of which gives us one “big” shop at a major grocery store to stock up on meats, canned foods and whatnot and several trips to the local fruit and veggie market. I think Brian is planning on joining the grocery game soon, but I’ll let him take care of that…

  5. Savvy Scot says:

    Seriously impressive budget here!!! Whenever I think I am doing well and get complacent, I will re-read this post!

  6. Congrats. This is impressive. We have been working on eating up our pantry for now. It is saving a ton of money and freeing up some space. Plus I am getting to try new recipes which is always fun.

  7. Michelle says:

    That stir fry looks so good! You know that’s a frugal way to eat actually because you can end up throwing a lot of leftovers or veggies that would otherwise go bad into it and yummo! We did alright this week with our food budget, but we did horrible with our beauty budget! We were out of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and face wash. I honestly might start making my own soap…it’s getting ridiculous. Have a good weekend guys!

    • CF says:

      Yep, that’s why we love stir fries too! I’m always paranoid about running out of soaps, because they’re soooo expensive at regular price. I insist on stocking up when they’re on sale so our closet is quite full at the moment. :S


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