I can haz vacation?

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I read an article on the Atlantic recently which discussed the lack of vacation time in America. Looking at countries like Germany, Australia and France, 20+ paid vacation days plus a handful of state holidays is the norm. Here in Canada, 10 paid vacation days plus 8 statutory holidays are required by law (though some employers will pay out the money in lieu of formal time off). In the United States?...

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Updates: September 2-8

It’s been a busy, busy week here in Vancouver.  Brian has actually been away (returning today!) and I have been juggling all the blog stuff.  So if you haven’t seen your comment approved or you haven’t been acknowledged on the mayhem that is Twitter, you can blame it on me… in turn, I shall blame it on Brian for abandoning me this past week.  😉 Indeed, even the cat decided...

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Should I, or should I not?

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This is a guest post written by Ryan Paredez at www.planwise.com – Planwise is a free and simple tool that allows you to understand the future impact of financial decisions you make today to allow you to make better decisions. Check out the Planwise widget under the Tools page. Interested in writing a guest post? Check out out guest posting policy. We live in a heavily consumer driven world...

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So you want to get a job in computers?

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Earlier this year, I talked about getting a job in science – the pitfalls, the misconceptions, and yes, even how to do it, if you were feeling particularly masochistic.  Unlike many budding biologists, I was pretty successful.  I had relevant jobs throughout university and found a job immediately after graduating.  But, as readers may know, I left my job as a research assistant to pursue a...

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