Updates: September 23 – 29

Pfew, what a week. As you might have guessed with the real estate themed posts lately, we’re exploring the market and looking to buy a second condo in the area. Nothing firm to share yet, but we’ll definitely share some details when we have enough information to warrant an update. It’s been a busy week around the web as well and I think this is the biggest list of blogs and mentions...

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Understanding U.S. Retirement Investment Accounts

Retirement Investment Accounts, retirement account, investments
Jason is a financial advisor and Dave Ramsey-trained counselor that blogs over at WorkSaveLive. He aims to educate his readers on a variety of financial topics while sharing his family’s journey out of debt and a weekly delicious recipe.  Retirement Investment Accounts Hi Outlier Model readers! Understanding that many of you may be Canadian, Brian and CF requested that I talk a little about...

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Access over ownership

daily life, generation X, generation Y, ownership, sharing economy
Millenials, the demographic cohort that followed Generation X, are a much maligned bunch.  Also sometimes known as “Generation Y”, millenials were born between approximately 1982 and 2000, with slight fluctuations depending on country of origin.  Each generation in human history has been noted for displaying certain values, trends or characteristics, and millenials are no different.  They...

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Updates: September 16 – 22

Another week and another harvest from the garden. It’s well into September, but the weather has been nice enough to yield quite a good crop this year. Our tumbler tomatoes on the balcony are just about done, but there are still a number of ripening juliet and lemon boy (below) on the vine at the garden. We’re having a harvest party tomorrow and learning how to put our garden ‘to bed’...

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