Updates: July 29 – August 4

Happy actual Long Weekend! CF and I took a long weekend last week, so it’s back to work on Monday for us. It seems like the past three years have had terrible August long weekend weather, so get out and enjoy the Vancouver sun (and heat!) for once. CF and I will be patio hopping for lunch and dinner, with a trip to the Hastings Racetrack sandwiched in between. We love to gamble (strange for a PF site, I know…) but we always go in with a plan. We’ll be taking $10-$15 each to bet on the races and armed with my trusty guide, maybe we’ll actually win some money. In any case, it’s an excellent day to be outside.


Photo Credit: tpower1975 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/gowestphoto/3921760653/

Without further delay, check out some of our favourite posts of the week:

  • Part of the reason CF took her current job is the great 4 weeks of paid vacation and 35-hour work week that she receives.  But many people work more and take much less time off.  This is a great infographic detailing the backwards steps that North America has taken in terms of stress, work hours and compensation.  We’re making less, working more and hating every minute of it!
  • Eddie at Finance Fox experienced his first Dine and Dash this week – no HE didn’t dash, but some overweight 20 year-olds did! Surprisingly, Dine and Dash is fairly common and Eddie covers some interesting points in his analysis.
  • Daisy at Add Vodka looks at the Ways We Are Costing Each Other Money. Just like Eddie’s experience, shoplifting costs us money because retailers have to account for product loss in their retail price. Read on to find other ways in which we cost each other money.


Outlier Model around the web:



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