Updates: July 1-7

Last night we had the chance to meet up with a couple of local bloggers. Thanks to Jeremy at Modest Money for organizing the whole thing and to Jessica (Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses) and Daisy (Add Vodka) for showing up (despite being allergic to meeting bloggers!).  It was very motivating to meet some pretty successful bloggers and pick up some tips. I think I should mention guest posting more often. Guest post. Enough? It sounds like there may be a second meetup coinciding with the Canada Cup of Beer next weekend. Let us know if you want to swing by!

This morning, CF and I headed down to help build a new community garden. We’ve been on wait lists around the city for a year or so now, so we are pretty excited to finally get our own plot. There were A LOT of wood chips and planters to assemble and lots of help to make it happen.


Here’s an assortment of other articles from the blogosphere:

  • From CF: This is a pretty cool idea: http://www.foodswapnetwork.com/  The basic premise is that you show up with food items like pickles or jam that you’ve made and exchange it for items that other people have made.  There are food swapping events in many US cities, but none here in Vancouver (yet!)  This is definitely something I’d be interested in, but I’ve never made jam or pickles.  Perhaps a frozen entree swap???
  • Jeremy at Modest Money provides some great tips on Finding Free Photos For Your Blog. This is something we’ve been trying to do more of and have seen a big increase in Google image search referrals as he notes. I didn’t know about the Flickr option, and will definitely try this out the next time I didn’t take the picture myself!
  • Daisy from Add Vodka also told us Why Apartment Living Sucks. I tend to agree given the unfortunate series of events she’s gone through, but understand that it’s often necessary to live in close quarters in an urban environment.
  • The Dividend Ninja recently launched The Web Ninja, a resource for bloggers looking to increase their knowledge and get tips for increasing blogging revenue. I wish Avrom has been able to make it to the meet up yesterday to talk about his new site. I’ll be spending some time perusing his resources with my renewed motivation.

Thanks to all those who included us in their carnivals and updates this week!



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