Updates: December 25 – 31

Happy New Year! Well, almost…but like most people, I plan on taking the day off, so you’ll have to excuse the premature celebrations. CF and I will be spending the best brunch day of the year chowing down on creole inspired brunch dishes. Yum.

With the extra time off over the holidays, we’ve been very productive. CF has already written about this, but something that has also contributed to our increased productivity is how little we’ve had to cook this holiday. Christmas dinner resulted in an exorbitant amount of turkey leftovers, which we’ve just finished eating. Today, we ate breakfast and lunch for free, thanks to mystery shopping, and we’re going to repeat this again on Monday!

Continuing with the food theme, CF stumbled across this article on sustainable eating and had this to say:

  • Brian and I have become more and more passionate about good food over the years. Whether its at home or in a restaurant, I try to eat well. Food should be savoured not just as fuel for the body but as one of the simplest pleasures in life.  Enjoying food involves eating intentionally and with a thought towards sustainability.  Over at Sustainable Personal Finance, they discuss eating sustainably while keeping the bank account happy.

As 2011 comes to an end, we’d like to thank everyone that’s taken the time to stop by and check us out this year. We founded The Outlier Model in February of this year, and look forward to growing in 2012. Check out our most popular articles from 2011:

  • Defining the greater goal: Our most viewed article from the past year was inspired by the un-retirement of Jacob Fisker, founder of Early Retirement Extreme. If you’re interested in the philosophy behind the financial independence and early retirement movement, start here.
  • Recipes: Our recipe column garnered a lot of interest last year. Cooking healthy and frugal meals is a great way to save money while eating better than the majority of the population.

Thanks again for a great year, all the best in 2012.

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